This post is in collaboration with Noughty Haircare.

I have spoken so many times about Noughty Haircare both here and on my social, and ever since I discovered them last March I’ve found the products have made a huge difference to the condition of my hair (something I’ve struggled with for years after many box dyes, sleepover bleach sessions, and general attempts at rainbow locks).

When I buy anything to do with beauty, I always look into what the ingredients are, where they’ve come from, and of course, if they’re vegan and cruelty-free. Noughty is vegan and cruelty-free (wouldn’t be recommending them without those two ticked off!) and they’re also a British based brand with 97% naturally sourced ingredients, that smell amazing and are free from any nasties, which is great for maintaining all types of hair.

I’ve had my natural colour and condition for about 3 years now, which means it’s a lot easier to identify concerns and needs when they arise – I’m definitely a greasy scalp gal with drier ends, who also wants to enhance the natural wave I get when air drying, and thankfully Noughty has many solutions for my needs and more!

A duo that has stuck by me since the beginning is Wave Hello Shampoo and Conditioner, two products that have helped condition my hair without weighing it down, but help define and smooth my waves and also prolong my curls when I use tongs. I love how lightweight the product is, and because there are no sulphates, silicones, parabens, or petrochemicals, the light lather all comes from working the product in and encouraging the shampoo to do it’s job whilst nurturing your hair – it might take a few washes to get used to the lack of lather and the detox process typical of a natural shampoo,but stick with it, it’s so worth it for the condition of your hair in the long run.

Wave Hello Shampoo is my go-to when my hair needs a hydrating cleanse, and is sometimes my second cleanse too when I’ve used an anti-pollution/deep cleansing shampoo first (more on that later!). The conditioner is my most used, in fact I use it every wash because, as I mentioned, having fine hair means it gets weighed down easily yet this helps it feel light and bouncy whilst fully hydrated!

Another product from the range I crack out when I really want an intensive treatment – think Sunday night, face mask, pamper evening, the whole shebang – is the Taming Cream. The thick cream I find is best used sparingly at the roots, and slathered on the ends to really allow the Mango Butter and QuinOxy formula to smooth frizz, reduce poofy hairs (especially in heat), and give hair that fortnightly treat it deserves after lots of hair tongs and bands.

Speaking of fortnightly treats, one of the newest products I’ve tried from Noughty is the Detox Dynamo, a deep yet gentle cleansing shampoo that removes all product buildup, clarifies excess dirt and oil, and keeps your locks feeling clean without that dried out and stripped feeling. I love a good clarifying shampoo, as I get a lot of excess oil at my roots and use product towards the end of my wash cycle that makes it look ‘clean’ but feel dirty, and they really help refresh my hair back to 0.

You can always tell a good clarifying shampoo by it’s minty fresh scent and Detox Dynamo is packed with Peppermint which I love. It’s recommended you use this every 2 weeks, which I do for my deep cleanse after two cycles of hair washing, and I’ve found it really lifts out all the grime to give you a refreshed scalp to start caring for all over again, plus it’s great in the summer when you’re either sleeping in a warm room, swimming in chlorine or the ocean, or after a hard workout at the gym – it really does keep your hair soft and super clean!


Honestly, I’m super chuffed to be working with Noughty on this post, because I really do love how well the products work and how affordable they are for the quality of ingredients. There are lots of ranges for different hair types, and the way my hair feels after each wash is amazing, I finally feel like I have my balance when it comes to keep my locks happy. Noughty is available at Superdrug, Ocado, FeelUnique, and the Noughty website, so pop a shampoo and conditioner of your choice in your next shop and prepare to be wowed – who knows, maybe my hair is in good enough condition to attempt rainbow colours again….



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