laurenbrittonloves brighton blogger writers guilt visual photographer sustainable jeans laurenbrittonloves brighton blogger writers guilt visual photographer sustainable jeans

I say often that I’m not much of a writer, that something I used to enjoy and do well with doesn’t satisfy me anymore, but is ultimately required as part of this little corner of the internet.

I read blogs where writers make 5 words sound like a poem, or so realistic it’s like chatting to a pal, but for a while now I’ve felt I just stumble and don’t know how to edit myself, and have been getting a lot of writers guilt from lack of passion and enjoyment of the process.

Despite being someone who feels writing isn’t a strong point, most of my blog posts are 1000+ words, which is nothing short of a ramble. It’s either 240 characters or an essay, it’s all I’ve been programmed to do, yet I know there’s only so many variations of ‘this serum is great/fab/a miracle’ you can use before you’re saying essentially nothing.

laurenbrittonloves brighton blogger writers guilt visual photographer sustainable jeans

This all seems quite negative I realise, and don’t get me wrong, I love divulging into a long meaty post that’s both informative but also engaging, and I guess I feel that’s something I lack – a good approach to writing in an engaging but bitesize manner.

I love visuals; photography is my element, and whilst I love commenting on blogs (when I can), I always go for imagery. Instagram isn’t reliable half the time, so putting in the time for big screen visuals is where I find most of my joy.

It doesn’t help that we live in a society where we want fast consumable content in under 10 seconds or 5 story skips, because what do you gain from scrolling through a blog post of images – maybe some style inspo and an enabled jean purchase – that you can’t find on Insta, or from a meaty story/life/relatable piece that flows easily and emotively?

It’s a struggle for me, and after lots of posts on where people think blogging is going (to them personally), it got me worried that I wasn’t utilising my blog for the right purpose – to write and share, not just a few lines and lots of photos, which is honestly all I want to create, and what I equally enjoy alongside those longer essays.

After having a few weeks not blogging normally (and selfishly enjoying living my life and watching movies and walking new places) I’ve decided to just screw the system and writers guilt – more photo heavy content that pleases my creative and visual side, and more bitesize diary entries that are easy for me to whack out yet still have some substance (and no serum repeats, ish), and just finding enjoyment in it all again I guess!

In other news, these photos were taken on my birthday last week – very cold by the sea, not as fashion as I wanted – and I’ve been living in these Two for Joy Jeans* for a wee while now. They’re working towards more sustainable products and better standards in production chains, which I really admire and is great to see more brands doing so. Also, getting your jeans altered, what a game-changer – now everything fits!

I’m still getting out 500 words or so, we can work on that snappy content another time, but it’s time for a new week and a new bunch of posts to get cracking on – we might just kick this writers guilt after all 😉

laurenbrittonloves brighton blogger writers guilt visual photographer sustainable jeans



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