laurenbrittonloves march 2018 goals laurenbrittonloves march 2018 goals

I feel I may have jinxed February by asking it to not go quickly, as it seemingly took my request and went into hyper-drive instead, but here we are and scarily, almost a quarter through the year *yikes*.

February went really fast, like, I’m not even sure what I did fast; one of my goals was to ‘make moves’ and it was a subtle hint at moving house which I did at the end of the month – I’m finally settling into Brighton which is great, but yeah, thanks Russian snow for causing havoc on the actual move day. Great one.

But yes I’m settling in and the place looks less like Joey’s box fort and more ‘cosy den with a few items still in bags and a serious lack of flannels’ which is great. That took up a lot of the month but I did get to do some new photo editing which was fun, and also worked on developing some skills I want to push further in March…(look at that segway)

laurenbrittonloves march 2018 goals laurenbrittonloves march 2018 goals

  1. Practise and improve my skills on Illustrator

I had to do a job earlier this month where design and illustrations were a big part, and it really pushed me to get creative and learn more about a program I haven’t touched since college. Without tooting my own horn, I did create some cute drawings, but I know there’s only so much I can do with a mouse, and that I need to dedicate more time to ingraining the skills so it becomes habit like photo editing. I want to create proper illustrations of people and graphics and maybe make a font or two, so we’ll see how far I get in March.

  1. Unpack everything and settle

Probably the easiest goal of the month, but definitely most time-consuming! I’d love for everything in the house to be sorted and organised, and to be used to the kitchen cupboards after a week or so (the amount of times I’ve open a cupboard for juice glasses and found potatoes is too many)

  1. Birthday!

I’m going to be 24 (ahhh how did that happen?) I think I’ve finally hit peak adult as I have no idea what I want and so far have asked for a Marvel films boxset – truly living. I haven’t planned anything so once the house is all sorted I might sort out a few foodie plans and maybe a spa treatment for a lil’treat yo’ self!

  1. More head massages

Speaking of ‘treat yo’self’, I want to get more head massages as I mentally exhaust myself on the regular, and feel so much clearer and able to do my job better once I’ve emptied all the tension out. I have family members trained so I’ve saved some pennies over the years, but it’s nice to go and get a professional rub (does that sound right?) once in a while – I can feel my brain getting overwhelmed just typing this so I’m ready to feel loosey goosey on the regular and get my creativity flowing clearer again.

  1. Get my nails and skin back in shape

Moving has wrecked my nails and I ain’t pleased, plus my skin has just done a 180 on me which is frustrating. I want to find a local dermatologist who can do some deep extractions and use one of those vacuum things to suck out the sebum and gunk (it’s both equally gross yet amazing), and just sort me out on top of my skin routine – if you have any Sussex recommendations, let me know!

laurenbrittonloves march 2018 goals laurenbrittonloves march 2018 goals laurenbrittonloves march 2018 goals

What are you guys all up to in March? I’m hopefully going to be back on it with blogging soon so thanks for sticking around whilst I get my WiFi together – let me know what your goals for March are in the comments below! x

laurenbrittonloves march 2018 goals


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