laurenbrittonloves february monthly roundup favourites 2018

February you little rascal, you’ve zipped by once again and whilst you’re supposedly bringing us towards Spring, I’m currently watching a lot of snow fall outside my window whilst downing my 5th cup of mint tea to keep myself warm. Britain, ey?

I really wanted February to move at a glacial pace due to the fact I was moving again and wanted time to pack slowly and also not feel like 2018 was whipping by (read about that more here), but alas 28 days goes so fast and now March is knocking which means Easter chocolate, daffs, and birthdays (24, hello!) plus longer warmer days so that’s nice for the wee chilly bones!

Before I get too ahead of myself, let’s roundup the few things I’ve enjoyed this February – I’m going to keep this short and sweet as I’m still mid-house pack and cleaning, so normal 1000 word blog posts will resume shortly 😉

laurenbrittonloves february monthly roundup favourites 2018 laurenbrittonloves february monthly roundup favourites 2018

I’ve not tried too many new things this month to be honest, which I kinda like as it means the things I have are being used and loved a lot, but the launch of IGK this month means I’ve got to try more of their fab products – I’ve written a whole post about my faves here but wanted to shout out Rich Kid and  Mistress again as they have made my hair so soft yet so textured it’s unbelievable. I have a lot of fine hair that slicks flat with too much product, but this gives bounce and volume with texture and it’s glorious – it’s also vegan and cruelty-free too which is a major plus, I can’t see myself washing and prepping my hair without these now!

laurenbrittonloves february monthly roundup favourites 2018 laurenbrittonloves february monthly roundup favourites 2018

I love astrology and reading horoscopes, and I also love really pretty books so was chuffed when Anna passed The Signs along for me to read. Obviously I jumped straight to Aries to read up on my sign and traits (a lot of them true, including the spurts of hot-headedness soz) but when I’ve got a bit more time I want to read into moon charts and astrology because I find it really fascinating. It can be one of those books where you read what is relevant and then you don’t flick through the rest, but it’s definitely a good book to whip out when your pals are round to reveal a few truths to laugh over.

laurenbrittonloves february monthly roundup favourites 2018 laurenbrittonloves february monthly roundup favourites 2018

Let’s wrap February up with a card reading shall we (my fave part) – I did these a while ago but

The Three of Spades indicates moving on from feelings of sorrow and also understanding your feelings, which is good for coming out of those winter blues and feeling like the year is finally starting again; the Six of Spades follows well as the card for leaving worries behind and entering a phase of transition in life (moving, work, woohoo!); the Ace of Hearts taps into that emotional side and focuses on the creative spiritual nature inside of you working it’s magic, and speaking of magic we end with the King of Clubs (the Magician card) which means your skills are going to be highlighted and you’ll see some sort of transformation in March which is rather bloody exciting!

All in all, solid month ahead, and I am ready for some serious transformational creativity!

laurenbrittonloves february monthly roundup favourites 2018

That’s me wrapping up for February now – sorry it’s short and sorry that blog posts have been all over the shop too. Moving and additional projects all happened at once and I haven’t had time to write, but I’ve got lots of posts ready to go so hope you enjoy them! In the meantime, have a fab start to March and keep up with my Instagram as I post there much more often – laters February!



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