laurenbrittonloves igk hair vegan cruelty free review spacenk laurenbrittonloves igk hair vegan cruelty free review spacenk

I’m pretty minimal when it comes to my hair, most days leaving it natural and in a bun without products, and when I do wash it I like to get all the oil out my roots and keep my ends semi-conditioned so they don’t stick together with heavy conditioner. It’s been a process of trying a lot of products that have done great things to the actual state of my hair, but there’s only so much volume you can get from shampoo before you need to reach for a can or two of something.

But that’s all changed now with the addition of IGK to my routine, and damn am I glad to finally have my hands on some of their products! IGK has become a bit of a cult brand as it was only available in the US until a few weeks ago and is vegan and cruelty-free (YAY), and after a lot of recommendations from others I finally got my hands on some of their hero products once they’d launched at Space NK – full disclosure, I was sent the items bar Jet Lag in tis post but I have since repurchased them all so if that ain’t love I don’t know what is!

laurenbrittonloves igk hair vegan cruelty free review spacenk laurenbrittonloves igk hair vegan cruelty free review spacenk

Expensive* is the base of my routine, replacing the many conditioners I’ve tried and honestly knocking them out the park; it’s marketed as a ‘top coat’ that replaces your conditioner twice a week (which is how often I wash my hair anyway) and protects against UV and heat damage, and Expensive really makes my hair look and feel expensive. IGK has nailed the hydration without making your hair feel overly laden with product or greasy after a few days, and my hair feels super soft and protected which is rare for me – if you’re got fine hair, this is a real treat!

Before I tried Rich Kid*, my friend Jaye had gone on about how great it was and how soft yet textured her hair was and ngl I was a little jealous, so I was keen to give it a go myself. It really is a hybrid miracle, my ends are so hydrated yet overall it’s textured and tousled and makes lazy hair so easy to achieve. My biggest grievance with hair products is they make my hair feel heavy or oily, but this perfectly styles and keeps hair soft without any product residue, and if you plait or whip your hair up in a bun before bed after washing it’ll add some amazing ass body which I’m all about too.

Low Key* is a product I use every other wash or when I use stuff in my roots, and I’ve found on it’s own it doesn’t get out as much product or lather as much as my other salt hair scrubs, but I think it’s because I’m not being liberal with application as I’m scared to use it all up in one go! I have mixed Low Key with my shampoo and I’ve found it’s worked deeper to clean the grime away, so I’d pop it on you ‘to consider’ list if your roots are greasy/oily/layers with sprays and products.

The one product I’d been dying to try was Beach Club*, a texture building spray that gives you sea-salt, Lauren Conrad vibes for days. My flat hair is dying for texture and volume, and this seriously gives it with a bit of hold too – I try to spray it on the lengths so it has some lift but helps separate the layers more, but lift the roots a bit near the back for some volume too. I love the separation it gives to the hair, and when curled it looks even better, so if you want some second-day lift after using Rich Kid then it’ll make your hair look and feel gorgeous!

laurenbrittonloves igk hair vegan cruelty free review spacenk laurenbrittonloves igk hair vegan cruelty free review spacenk

Now Jet Lag had been my most recommended try, and honestly, I’m converted. After years of Batiste and white marks in my hair, I’d given up on dry shampoo but Jet Lag has gone done changed that – there truly is no white residue, it dries up all the excess oil and makes hair look clean again, and adds a little bit of lift too which is always good #flatfinehairprobz. I think it’s the standout product in IGK’s line up, but after seeing they’ve released two new versions (and even more heavy duty than Jet Lag) I might need to give them a try too…. 😉

And finally we have Mistress*, which jumping back to post-wash treatments, is similar to Rich Kid in that it hydrates and seals the hair after washing, but is a lot more smoothing and plumping than texturising. I’ve got some breakage and damaged hairs from when I’ve tried to accelerate growth, and this really flattens and seals the strands together so they look sleeker than ever (and combined with Rich Kid, super duper styled in minutes). If you’re a really low-key, haven’t got the time kind of gal, then combining these two is a must – Mistress really keeps the hair in great condition, and Rich Kid will give all the texture and hold you need minus the sticky product with one scrunch; bless you IGK!!

laurenbrittonloves igk hair vegan cruelty free review spacenk laurenbrittonloves igk hair vegan cruelty free review spacenk laurenbrittonloves igk hair vegan cruelty free review spacenk

Even with that all in my routine at the moment, there are still IGK products I want to try – Trust Fund looks and sounds incredible, and definitely sounds like the last piece in my ‘please give me big thick hair like Beyoncé’ puzzle. Both the 30,000 Feet Volume duo and 1995 2-in-1 Shampoo Texturizer sound awesome, as they give that much needed lift and volume to finer hair without overly drying it out or flooding it with moisture, and I think that might work better for my hair to balance the oils and hydration where needed, but I’m waiting to splash on that purchase as I’ve already picked up so much and I’m trying to give my card a break lol.

I highly recommend IGK especially to those with fine hair, because not only are they vegan and cruelty-free, but being sulphate-free and UV protective too makes the products a whole lot kinder to the hair too. I love that the products actually work and are what 15 year old me would’ve died for when I was spraying a can of dry shampoo in my hair a day, and the quality and packaging are just an icing on the cake.

It’s safe to say that my hair and I, are finally getting along…

laurenbrittonloves igk hair vegan cruelty free review spacenk



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