It’s been a while since I shared some new beauty faves, and with it being Veganaury and all, I thought I’d inspire you with some vegan friendly beauty buys I’ve been loving the past few months to inject something new (and cruelty-free) into your routine. Whether you’re looking for haircare, luxury bath products, or an intergalactic mask that will clear out your pores, there’s a lil’something something for every beauty need…

In the skincare department, there’s been a few new additions – I’ve added the BYBI Supercharge Serum* to my morning routine as a source of hydration, and it’s a rather unique texture as it feels like a dry oil when applied, but does glide evenly across the skin like a hydrating serum should. I find it very brightening, glow-inducing, and gives skin a nice dewy finish; I do think it could have a less earthy scent, but this is easily overlooked with the results it’s given over a few weeks.

Two products I got during Black Friday and have slotted happily into my routine are Pai’s Echium and Argan Gentle Eye Cream and Age Confidence Cream – the eye cream is gloriously thick and hydrating on the under-eyes (maybe too hydrating yet I’d rather have slippy concealer than dry eyes) and I love how brightening it is also, a decent investment for delicate skin! And the Age Cream might seem a bit premature however I’ve been looking for a decent vegan night cream for ages and this fit the bill perfectly – it protects against irritation, locks in moisture, smooths out skin, and has a pretty swish pump which I love. Again, I think it could use a few drops of lavender just to lift the quite earthy scent, but the moisture it brings is exactly what I need in the winter.

That intergalactic mask I mentioned? Well it’s an Oskia beauty in the form of their CityLife Detox Mask* which mixes a very holographic liquid with space dust (kinda) to create the ultimate anti-pollution busting mask you’ve ever tried. The sachets are big, designed to cover you face, neck, chest, and back, but I like to decant half the packet into a plastic bowl, mix, and apply with a spoon, and just go to town on the layering. What you get is a rubbery texture which when applied thickly, makes a really satisfying layer that not only pulls out the gunk, but peels off in one fell swoop (it’s important you get a good layer of this across the face, otherwise it’s a real skin tugger – ouch!) Honestly, my skin hasn’t looked so degunked other than when I’ve been to a dermatologist, so buy it, invest in it, get it on your face asap.

I’m always trying to find hair products that will keep my scalp clean for 5 days (please) and also my ends smooth yet textured (not asking much), and so far the Løre Originals Cleanse and Purify shampoo* has given my scalp in good scrub – packed with sea salt and cactus, it definitely gives you a squeaky clean feel without stripping, and bonus, if you sleep on it damp, you get a lot of poofy volume – need I say more?

If you do need to tame the poof though, let me suggest Noughty’s new serums – one for frizz and another for shine. Because my hair is fine and dislikes too much product, I take half a pea size and disperse through damp hair (too wet seems to make it clump whilst dry hair makes it look too slick), brushing it evenly through and sticking it to the lower ends of the hair so not too much ends up near the roots. They both smell lush and do keep hair smooth, and also protect against heat up to 220 degrees!

I’m going to cheat here and mix a bath oil into bodycare because technically it keeps your skin moisturised whilst bathing, but the new Oskia Vitamin E Bath Oil* is glorious – it smells like mint chocolate mixed with lavender and relaxation but it works so well together, and when you add a few caps in the bath it creates an almost milky texture that keeps your skin smooth and soft for the length of your soak and beyond.

Once you get to the ‘beyond’, I recommend Pai Comfrey and Calendula Body Cream; I get a lot of dry irritated patches under my boobs, and just lack moisture all over in general, but this has soothed and hydrated all over very quickly – it’s not too slippy like a lotion, nor too greasy or overly thick like a butter, it just slots perfectly in the middle and allows the moisturiser to heal sensitive areas whilst working its way down the epidermis to keep skin hydrated in the long-term. It’s a lovely subtle herbal smell, works into the skin easily, and is super kind to all skin conditions – let’s get slathering!


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