Here we go again, another year has whizzed by and we’re right back at the start. I can’t help but be excited that January 1st is a Monday – if I were starting school today, I’d probably be shaking my brand new pens and pencil-case in rapturous joy, because it’s all so satisfying!

I had planned to end December with a few more posts, but honestly, after my last day working I was officially Pooped™ and needed the week before Christmas to decompress my brain from all the editing and photos and work I’ve done this year – I ignored emails, put away my laptop, and just tried to get some quiet time in before The Big Day. It was glorious.

I could’ve read more, maybe done more baking, but it was just really selfishly nice to sit like a potato whilst eating potatoes, and sometimes, that’s what Christmas is all about.

Do not fear though, as I have lots planned for the blog this year; from working with brands I love to trying to share more content I think is relevant and also a new spin on the usual stuff.

I mean, I’ll try, let’s just see how it goes 😉

But for now, let’s kick off Monday and 2018 with a few goals – slightly unoriginal I know but we all love those classic affirmations for the next 365 days don’t we?

January Goals

• Start up some monthly blog meetings – I’ve been reading ‘Get Your S**t Together’ over Christmas and something I think I do need is a kick up the butt and outsider perspective. Maybe both at the same time would be helpful. I’m planning on roping in some pals and getting a regular date each month so we can chat about content and Instagram, and keep each other supported and inspired aka not in our heads so much.

• Have a big post-Christmas / pre-Spring clear out – I do love a good decluttering session, and I’ve already got most of Christmas packed away *sobs* so now it’s time to sort out the old socks, makeup, tops and more before the new stuff comes in, and now that I’ve worked out what I actually wear in cold weather, there’s about to be a lot of space in my wardrobe…

• Start working on my photography website – I know it’s really important to have a proper website for work and I’ve just left my old college one sit there without much updating *oops* so I would like to get a swish looking up-to-date site for ~prospective clients~ to look at rather than just my blog – time to get organised!

• Get back into yoga – as with most people, I’ve let exercise slide over the last few months, and yoga is delightful relaxing/great at clicking those bones into place so I might try one of Yoga by Adrienne’s playlists to get me back into bending.

• Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise – Since purchasing Pai’s Comfrey and Calendula Moisturiser I’ve had much better skin and all my dry/irritated bits are happy as larry, so I’m going to try and moisturiser all over once a day and in the evening also on my joints and legs etc to keep myself smooth as a baba all month long.

• Maybe get a haircut? – my bangs need a trim and I’m debating a proper chop or some blonde. It’s that New Year itch that I might just scratch.

2018 Goals

• Photograph a magazine cover – it’s always been a huge dream of mine to photograph a cover, so I’m crossing all fingers and toes the opportunity comes up.

• Reach 10K on Instagram – I try not to get tied up in numbers but it would be awesome to hit 10K on Insta (even if just for the swipe feature)

• Work with brands I love on sponsored and photography content – I’ve got a whole list of brands and people I want to work with this year, and it would be great to have the means to produce something creative I wouldn’t usually have the means to.

• Make some big savings – again, big list of things I want to do and a lot of savings I need to make to get there so let’s see that dolla following!

• Take more breaks – Christmas showed me that switching off and going places that are relaxing makes a huge difference to mental health and general wellbeing, so I’m going to aim to get in more R&R when I can.

• Improve my retouching – retouching is a big part of my job and although the level I use right now benefits 90% of my work, I’d love to expand skills I missed out on in uni and be able to take my editing up a level for when that important work starts to roll in.

• Ask for help more / get into team-player mode – whether it expenses help or just need spare hands or head on certain things, it’s totally okay to ask for advice and not feel less for doing so.

• Keep up the clear skin! – my skin has been looking amazing lately, even with some blackheads still present, but it’s clear and soft and I’m loving it! Here’s to a year where my acne goes away for good!

So I hope you’ve all had a fantastic Christmas and a lovely start to the New Year, and whatever you experienced in 2017, I hope it sets you up for a new start and a chance to begin better than before – let’s do this 2018!


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