Can you believe that December is here?! It feels like moments ago I was writing my November goals, and yet again the month has whizzed by and now it’s Christmas trees and Buble galore.

Recapping on November, I’ve come and gone from Edinburgh and had an amazing time exploring the cobbled streets and eating yummy vegan food at the Christmas market (the dream); I also booked in a little trip for this weekend which I’m excited for (although I still want to book something for the end of December!) and I’ve definitely purchased more than 50% of my presents; so all round, a good month!

As December is such a busy and festive month, I’ve wanted to do some things that involved winding down more..

1. Post every 2 days
I wrote last month how I wanted to get ahead with work, and with a busy start to December and just generally wanting to life and produce great content (for myself and in work) I’ve decided to post every second day. It’s seems more now than ever there’s a larger amount of content coming out daily than hours available to consume it, and I dislike the fact I keep pushing mine out without taking time to curate it properly and read the hard work of others. So after today, I’ll be posting every second day (Saturday, Tuesday, Friday etc) but still with every ounce of festive fun you can expect from one festive fanatic 😉

2. Do my tax return
So adult, much fun, wow! But seriously though, I need to get it done. I don’t want to be that person who is rushing to finish it in January and I want to take some spare time to sit and input all my receipts (and just pretend I didn’t see all those outgoing – crumbs!)

3. Fully switch off over the Christmas period
I think everyone needs a reset and the Christmas period post-nut wellington and lots of potatoes is a the perfect time to kick back and chill. Whilst I’m watching re-runs of Sherlock, The Holiday, and the Doctor Who special, I can get on and plan out my schedule and routine a bit better without worrying about posting in between, plus as January 1st is a Monday, that’s the dreamiest ‘Back To School’ combo you could dream of.

4. Purchase a lil ‘well done me’ equipment pressie
We all deserve a little bonus after a good year, and I’ve got my eye on the Canon 24-70mm lens – I do love my prime lenses and they have a lower aperture which is perfect for work, but the ease of zoom and trying to work faster on location makes it a great investment *cough please don’t tell my bank balance*

What are you hoping to achieve in December?


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