Although I am out and about a lot shooting and working with clients (and also in Waitrose or TK Maxx buying props *cough*) I am very much a homebody – I like my cosy office in the snug, sitting between a radiator and the fire; my double bed with orthopaedic mattress (so comfy); wearing bedsocks and loungewear when editing, and also just editing away at work.

I like doing it all from home.

This week however, I’ve gone and done a mad one. I’m currently on a flight to Edinburgh for two days, coming home bedtime Tuesday before heading off to work first thing Wednesday, with one day at home (hopefully to decorate the tree) and then packing up again for 4 days in the country.

It’s either all or bloomin’ nothing with me, and this really is all!

I’m excited though, as I’ve been wanting to go to Edinburgh for ages and booked the trip specifically to visit the Christmas markets, and other than 4 hour round trips to visit family every few months I’ve not actually been back into the depths of the country for yeeears, and I know it’s going to look cute and festive which is enough to make this busy week acceptable.

With all that in mind, I thought I do some sort of compilation post – not quite packing tips, not quite a what’s in my bag, nor a how to survive 5 hours away from your bed post either but that would be great – something hopefully people can relate to if they’re either off on an overnight city trip, working remotely, or just generally having a week where your usual routine and habits are out the window and you need to adapt asap!

Obviously you need to get your beauty essentials sorted – having had v hormonal skin I try not to change my skincare too much when travelling so it stays happy/doesn’t freak out at the worst moment, and if you can get your faves in miniature or decant them easily then that makes life much easier.

I really like having my full routine available, but flying especially means I’ve had to leave some products out or try to decant into bottles that are still a bit large for overnight – I’ve pulled out my favourite Pai minis and travel Oskia cleanser to keep me clean all week long, whilst selecting key extras such as Oskia CityLife Booster and Glossier Super Pure Serum on their size and job (one to protect from the elements, the other to keep blemishes at bay) so I can save some space in my carry-on…

Speaking of essentials, space and time-saving makes travel a lot easier, plus you don’t have the luxury of your usual set up or space so I’ve cut down my makeup to what I really need – no fancy smokey eyes or palettes, just bits to swish and go! I popped two of my fave eyeshadows in a mini palette to keep them safe, a multi-functional bronzer for contour and colour, and pre-mixed my foundation in a small pot so I can apply without having to dip or carry loads of bottles; it’s all there, packed and ready to go, so it’s as close to home as you can get!

Along the lines of careful packing, I’m making sure I’ve packed enough clothes to keep me my usual warm snuggly temperature but are also light and taking up minimal space in my suitcase – I like having options, hence why being at home is a luxury as you’ve got a whole wardrobe to choose from, so I’m really trying to be practical and get over the fact I *think* I need loads of clothes.

In regards to an overnight trip, I’m wearing the same outfit both days (a nice bulky jumper, which is v warm but also saves a tonne of space in my bag) and packing a spare thermal alongside the necessary 20 panic pants and socks, so I’ve already filled the corners well enough 😉 Then my fave pair of pjs which makes me feel cosy and safe in a way because they remind me of my cosy bed, and some bed-socks because you can never take a girl from her fluffy socks, no matter the location.

Also, I think it’s nice to pack a few things that make wherever you are feel like home – I take a relaxing pillow spray with me so it helps me settle into sleep better, plus it makes my brain think it’s my own pillow (the new REN sleep spray has a more herbal grounding scent which really helps you drop off into sleep and keep any anxiety far from your mind).

And as I’m driving to the countryside, I have the luxury of packing things I couldn’t usually fly with – a few of my favourite candles to make places smell like home, a cosy blanket to make nights on the sofa feel as comfy as my own, and maybe if you’re really extra, your fave mug (because a morning tea routine is v serious and I love my reindeer mug).

Here’s where it gets a bit more practical and really making a homebody life an easier one when busy – food is one of the most important things I have to think about day-to-day, so planning where and what you’re eating can save a lot of stress and important brain space. I’ve booked brunch and dinner for when we land as I’ll be hangry AF, and got meals frozen for when I get home so it makes life easier between editing and packing. Also researching places to eat before you get there and pinning them on maps, huge saviour when on the hunt for hot chocolate!

Despite being away, it’s also not really a holiday, so trying to be ‘on’ work-wise is a balance – as I’m going sans laptop, a polite OOO lets people know I’m keeping tabs but not able to reply straight away until on wifi, also making sure to send important emails the night before keeps you covered until you’re at your desk again.

Finally, being based at home a lot means chargers and power are everywhere (no 1% here) so you really gotta get your bum in gear and make sure you have portable chargers and backups ready – before you go anywhere, make sure your phone, backup charger, battery and spares are 100% and to keep everything on low power or switched off when they’re not needed – all good until you’re back in your room!

Now there’s a vegan brunch booking calling my name, and 24 hours of Edinburgh to enjoy before climbing back into my squishy orthopaedic heaven…


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