A few months ago I made the decision to try and buy more ethically when it came to fashion, and it’s been one of those things that since I thought about where my clothes comes from and the production behind it all, I can’t un-think it or look at my old faves in the same way.

Sure, I’ve kept and still love a lot of the things I bought before (it has made it easier to let go of the stuff I wasn’t wearing/got because I was panic buying) but it’s made each piece I’ve got since mean a lot more in my wardrobe and is truly more loved than ever.

So whether you’re looking for new clothes or want some more sustainable/ethical options that also look good (because that truly is a challenge if you don’t know where to look), here are a few pieces I’ve picked up that have been worthwhile favourite investments…

When I saw these People Tree Trousers I immediately fell in love – blue wide legs, stripes, and amde with organic cotton. They are one of my favourite brands to go to when looking for new pieces as they’ve really nailed the mix of sustainable fabric and trendy fashion, and after going to their SS18 preview it’s safe to say there are some GORGEOUS pieces coming out (I have my eye on 7 pieces, 7!!) – but back to the trousers; these are a thick woven cotton which means they can be stiff and bit tighter than usual, but it’s great at lifting the butt and making your legs look long. I would say you could size up and allow any shrinkage to occur naturally through washing, but due to my height I went to my usual so they would sit on my waist better and I really like the fit – it’s a bit more 70’s and better for tucking in tees, and really jazzes up the most basic of looks whilst also being made from well-sourced materials.

Speaking of tees, I absolutely love the tees I picked up from People Tree’s exclusive ASOS range; the first is their ‘Don’t Underestimate The Power of a Woman’ tee (amazing, obviously) and this ‘Equality’ Tee – a statement red slogan that would’t go amiss on Instagram but goes a bit further, really helping the workers and their families who produced the product and also bigging up a very important cause. Of course, these are a bit more pricey than your usual high-street find, but the cotton is incredibly soft, well sourced, and really stands each wear through and through.

Another item standing each wear and tear is my Matt + Nat Hope Bag, which until this year I’d never considered buying a black bag, let alone a circle one. Black just wasn’t ‘my thing’ but when I saw an Instagram ad pop up with the brand promoting their charity bag (literally the only ad I’ve been swayed by) I knew it was something I’d love and use all the time. The bag donates 100% of sales to a charity of your choice from 7 listed which is honestly incredible, plus it’s made from vegan and ethically sourced ‘leather’, and is a magic porridge pot in that you seem to fit a lot in for such a smol thing.

Finally, the most important fashion item – socks. I love socks, I’ve grown into quite the connoisseur and am rather picky about the quality of each one I buy (they either have to be really thick and warm to keep my toes warm, or really soft and floofy. Thankfully, Thought Socks + Tights are both thick and soft, which is the perfect combo for warm tootsies and snugness all year long, but especially now. The brand makes their socks from bamboo which grows fast and uses minimal resources, all whilst adapting to your body temperature which is perfect for socks! They’re some of my favourite purchases, and I’ve asked for 3 boxes for Christmas, because I’m a wild adult.


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