Get your laptops and bank details ready ladies and gents, it’s finally Black Friday and if you’re like me and hoping to get some discounts to spare your account any further Christmas splurging, then I have two offerings really worth a purchase or two…

Skincare is my main bag and I am all for a great deal on things I love (especially if it’s near December) plus I’m also for brands who are doing a little bit more to be charitable and give back even when discounting, so it’s pretty awesome that today both Pai and Oskia (my two favourite and only skincare brands I use these days) are offering not only great discounts but are also partnering up with some great charities to give something back with every purchase.

Firstly Pai are not only offering 25% off their entire online range* but are also collaborating with Lauren from GIRLvsCANCER to donate £1 from every product sold to her four chosen cancer charities that she works with and raises money for – all you need to do is enter BLACKPAIDAY at checkout and you’re good to go.

Lauren has done so much work to raise awareness and funds for charities to keep supporting those diagnosed and provide care, information, and prevent further cases with better detection and treatment; her tit-tees have been a huge success and now by partnering with Pai, both Lauren and the fab skincare team are hoping to raise even more awareness and cash for an important cause – and I’m here to enable you with some of my fave products!

Camellia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser
I bang on about this cleanser all the time, but the Camellia and Rose Cleanser is one of the best hydrating and creamy products I’ve tried, plus it really does get rid of every scrap of makeup when it comes to that delightful evening cleanse.

Rose makes the cream super gentle which is great if you have skin prone to redness, irritation, or sensitivity, and the oils incorporated allow makeup and grime to get broken down effectively without stripping the skin.

I use a good 50p size amount to work into the skin and either remove makeup or leave on clean skin for a few minutes to give myself extra hydration before removing with one of their soft cloths (these too are my fave, so fluffy yet effective!!)

Zinc and Copaiba Blemish Serum
Getting fast and noticeable results from skincare is as rare as snow on Christmas, but this serum can do just that; I recently lapsed on my last bottle of Blemish Serum and could tell my skin was a little more blah and clogged than usual, and after picking up a new one I noticed the next morning my skin was looking clearer and blemishes reduced, clearing up faster than before.

It’s a true miracle worker that you can feel working on those problem areas without stripping or drying them out, just good ol’nature’s magic bottled – one I’d recommend for all with acne/regular hormonal breakouts!

Geranium and Thistle Rebalancing Moisturiser
I never really understood moisturiser until a few years ago, I simply thought it was extra hydration and that the more slip, the better the grip – I was very wrong.

Moisturisers not only, well, moisturise, but there also levels of moisture and ingredients that affect each skin type, and after a while of having too much and then not enough (and not good enough ingredients) I was recommended Pai’s Rebalancing Moisturiser and it’s been fabulous for me – I have combination skin and basically don’t want to upset it with too much cream to clog the pores but not get enough that my drier areas are like ‘FEED ME’.

It’s very light but you can feel it getting to work, sealing in your previous skincare and balancing out the levels of moisture in the epidermis, which is great on days I wear makeup as it conserves the surface moisture without allowing the elements and products strip it out and dry me out as the day goes on – a great pick is

Copaiba Deep Cleanse AHA Mask
If you like exfoliating your skin and unclogging all the gunk from your pores, then this mask will truly work a treat! Whack this on once a week (I’m currently wearing it now whilst typing) and the fruit AHAs will gently break down the top layers of skin to rid and renew dead skin cells whilst Copaiba treats and improves acne-prone skin health.

Within 10 minutes you’ll see a brighter and smoother difference in your skin, so if you’re either in a pampering rush or just want that one hero product that can do 2 jobs at once effectively, this is a mask must for your collection!

Gentle Genius Camellia and Bergamot Body Wash
Since moving further south my skin has been a lot drier (great for spotty areas, not so much elsewhere) and washing in harder water has made my skin a lot more itchy, blotchy, and generally unhappy. I never really thought a body wash could make a difference, but after one too many flare ups I decided to stick with something natural all round to keep my skin happy.

Since switching to Gentle Genius, my body gets more hydration, the ingredients (including vitamin E and omegas) soothe any irritation and lather naturally, plus the wash is made without sulphates so you know only what is there and present naturally is getting put back into your skin – if you’re a dry skin gal, this is right up your street.

Echium and Argan Gentle Eye Cream
One of my recent additions is this deliciously nourishing eye cream – in the past I’ve had red flaking and very itchy gross eyes, and more recently very dehydrated under-eyes, so when I tested it out first time round I knew it would give that delicate area a much needed boost.

Rich in omegas 3 and 6, it helps smooth out wrinkles and hydrate the skin which is definitely needed this time of year, and it’s never too early IMO to start protecting and regenerating the eye areas, so even this ends up being a luxurious drink for your eyes, it’s one worth having 😉

Now Oskia are also stepping up and offering 20% off their products today with the code BRIGHT17, but are also donating all profits from sales today to Coppafeel, which is pretty darn incredible! Now if you’ve been holding out on trying their hero cleanser or maybe want to dabble in the other products, here’s 6 I’ve been loving all year long…

Renaissance Cleansing Gel
Again, another product I always always go on about – if you don’t know much about this cleanser you’ve been missing out, because it’s seriously great.

What starts as a gel melts into a more balmy texture, melting into the skin and helping to revive and brighten skin thanks to the pumpkin enzymes (it’s also great at getting rid of acne scarring and inflammation), stimulates cell regeneration, purifies, and is one of the many Oskia products to contain MSM which is great at unclogging pores!

Bare skin, full face, or as a nourishing mask, it’s an absolutely skin-changing cleanser and just go get it – you won’t regret it.

CityLife Facial Mist
CityLife is Oskia’s new launch and it’s really worth checking out; pollution is rife in our daily lives (from getting the tube to staring at your screen all day) and really affects the skin.

I didn’t realise how much pollution was affecting me and thought by being in the countryside I was a-okay – turns out even I was getting my fair share of pollutants in my pores, and since adding in the range I’ve seen a huge improvement in my skin.

The spray is the easiest option to add into your routine, and is a lovely yet effective option for toner as it creates a barrier against pollution and free-radicals all day long, has a very refreshing scent, and just gives you a nice refresh post cleanse. Give your skin a few spritz day and night and see how much calmer your complexion is.

CityLife Cleansing Concentrate
I always worry about how much of my makeup seeps into my pores, let alone pollution, so I always second cleanse with this to make sure my pores are squeaky clean (in a good way).

Foaming cleansers haven’t been great on my skin in the past, but this has a more velvety and hydrating texture that makes sure your skin doesn’t suffer whilst you cleanse, and really does make the difference after a grimy day – it detoxifies, balances and eliminates sebum, and restores the skin against damage caused in the skin during the day, so is definitely worth a try if you’re commuting daily!

CityLife Booster
The true hero and staple to this range is the booster, and although the most expensive option it really makes every penny work; the booster has been years in the making and targets specific pollutants and radicals that can affect both our health and skin the most, and is really concentrated miracle in a dropper.

Even though I recommend this more for people who travel and live in cities, it really has done something special to my skin – aside from a few blemishes, my overall complexion is much more toned, clear, smoother, and a lot less irritated.

It’s insane how much it pulls out smog and protects the skin all day long, and after a few days you will see a truly significant improvement in your face – just use 1-3 drops daily in serum (1 if around the house, 2-3 if going into polluted climates) and let it do it’s thing!

Restoration Oil
I love using oils, and whilst retinol is a must for me in the evenings, during the day I find it a bit much to be laying into my skin and have come to love the Restoration Oil as not only an extra boost of moisture but also a plumping and smoothing treat.

It smells like chocolate orange, improves radiance, and is great under makeup as a primer, plus it’s non-comedogenic which means your pores won’t get clogged nor will it irritate any other blemishes!

Micro Exfoliating Balm
Finally, something we all need this time of year – a true skin buffer to get rid of those dry lips during matte lip season! Perfect for sensitive skin, this balm goes a little further by working both on the surface and below by activating upon contact with water to really work away the dead skin cells – also, if a physical exfoliant isn’t your bag, mix it into the cleanser for a more gentle scrub and let it work it’s magic slowly and luxuriously.

I love that this comes with a little spatula so you can use only the amount you need (plus v. hygienic) and the scrub is made up of pure MSM granules which help unclogg pores, and also a scrub that helps reduce redness after buffing? Genius!

Now if you’re feeling in the skincare mood, get adding to that basket to make some serious savings and help some fab charities!


*some items not included in offer so please check their T&C!

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