Perfect with a side of Bake Off…

Despite baking more in the last month than I have all year, I’m not really a sweet tooth kinda gal – back in the day I could’ve easily tackled a large slice of fudge cake and hot chocolate in one sitting, but in recent years I’ve moved over to the carb side of life.

Also I definitely felt a spot grow purely from writing about chocolate, that’s another reason why I don’t have a lot of sugar.

But craving needs are must and one thing I was really wanting as a sweet treat/something to get me through Bake Off was a tart – rich and decadent, but also smooth and a bit fancy. Turns out making a vegan tart is quite easy despite some conflicting recipes, and excuse the pun but sometimes it’s good to go with your gut – just whip up a ganache, grab some ready roll, and top it all off with honeycomb that’s chewy and crunchy and a treat in itself 😉


For the tart:
200g of Dark Chocolate (70% or higher)
Ready Roll Shortcrust (sweet shortcrust if possible)
50ml Oatly Oat Cream (or to desired consistency, it should be firm enough to set but soft enough to cut)
50g Butter
2 Tsp Sugar

For the honeycomb:
2 Tbsp Golden Syrup
100g Caster Sugar
1 1/2 Tsp Bicarbonate of Soda

1. Pre-heat the oven to 180ºc. Roll out pastry and line a 23cm greased tin (if smaller, just trim the edges!). Cover with baking paper and blind bake for 10-15 minutes, remove beans, and then bake for a further 15 minutes until golden.

2. Whilst it bakes, melt the chocolate on a medium heat in a bain marie before stirring in the butter, sugar, and cream until combined into a ganache. Take off the heat and allow to combine and rest before pouring into the tart case.

3. For the honeycomb, mix together the golden syrup and sugar off the heat in a pan. Transfer to a medium heat and allow the two to melt together for 3 minutes, stirring only if there’s some burning. Once melted and smelling sweet, remove from heat and immediately stir in the bicarb, letting the mixture buff up and carbonate, and then pour quickly onto a sheet of baking paper. Allow this to set for 15 minutes before nibbling 😉

4. Whilst the tart is setting, break up some chunks of honeycomb and arrange on top of the ganache. Add any other topping you’d like, and allow to set further.

Note – as the cream is dairy free, you may get a weird set liquid on the outside of the ganache (as seen in the top image) this is perfectly fine, it just means the cream may not have combined properly or it was heated too much, but still perfectly edible!

Now grab a slice, sit back, and enjoy a slice of sweetness whilst the bakers sweat it out for your entertainment…


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