I wanted to write a post about my new hair because getting a haircut is a rarity for me these days. I used to be a six-week cut and colour girl when I was 17 (highlights, trims, the lot) but now if I can go 5 months then I’m sure I’ll have got some length on it before even considering a snip.

Length has been my main hair priority ever since I accidentally got it all lopped off at 16 – it was boob length and I asked for a trim, ended up with a bob, cue the classic British response of ‘oh it looks great’ and grimacing all the way home.

After that episode, I’ve attempted to grow it long again and after a lot of bleach, colour, cuts, and every mask under the sun, I’ve finally hit that 16-year-old length I’ve been waiting so long for and ironically, I’ve been itching to cut it off more than ever – isn’t that always the way?

It’s taken it’s time though to get here, but there are some tricks to grow those extra inches quicker for the more impatient of us out there…

1. Brush your hair daily – not the most groundbreaking advice but it does work! It’s natural for us to shed hair, and whilst I was a fan of the ratty look years ago, making sure all the weaker hairs come out is essential to healthy re-growth. I use a Wet Brush after washing and then daily afterwards to keep everything sleek and shiny, and if you’ve curled your hair right those waves should stay in place well after brushing, but it’s always better to use heat protector and re-curl again if they’ve dropped too much – speaking of….

2. Always use heat protector – I can sometimes be a bit lazy with the heat spray as I don’t like product in my hair/sleeping with it on my hair and pillow, but 90% of the time I make sure to coat my locks in some form of protector to stop frazzle and damage – my fave is Umberto Gianni Glam Primer Pre-Styling Spray* because it smells like a Lush bath bomb but also holds any style really well without feeling like too much product but enough (and it’s vegan too). I only ever use heat to curl my hair, and am a big fan of air-drying my hair so would recommend cutting back on hair drying too!

3. Add hair growth enhancer into your routine – one product I’ve been recommended and thus recommended to others is Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment, which is some weird voodoo magic for your locks I highly rate. My hair was by my chin two years ago and now it’s boob length, it’s wonderful. I used this with every wash after shampooing, keeping it to my roots mainly and working down the length for moisture, left it for 3-5 mins and rinsed, and even after a few weeks I saw a noticeable difference! I will say that using it often can cause some hairs to grow too much by force, leaving them crinkled and a bit damaged, but 97% of my hair is long and luscious and for someone so impatient with their hair it got everything growing swiftly again. I’d also recommend the leave-in spray which I combed through my hair after each wash too, every little helps 😉

4. Try to get a semi-regular trim – I say try, because again, I’m not good at keeping up with trims. It’s good to get the dead and fluffy ends off your hair as it makes everything feel healthier, and gives you a chance to refresh your look whilst you’re at it!

5. Play around with semi-permanent dye/tints – I’ve always been someone who’s itching to switch up their hair, whether it’s a new colour or cut I’m always thinking ‘maaaaaaaybe I could go blonde again…‘ or chop it all off again. To tide me over, I like to ‘enhance’ my natural colour by a shade or two, usually opting for an ashy/purple-tinged brunette – I either mix together Maria Nila Cacao Intense and Pearl Silver* or go in with Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask in Ash Brown* which is easier to use a produces a deeper colour, however Maria Nila is vegan and very nourishing, so it depends on what you prefer finish wise.

6. Go sulphate-free – sulphates may make our hair feel clean but they actually do more harm than good, and whilst it may not necessarily lead to hair growth, going SLS free is a lot gentler on the hairs and your scalp too (plus if you do colour your hair, suplhate free shamps keep that colour brighter for longer!) so give them a break whilst you pack on the growth serum 😉

7. Get a good shampoo and conditioner – kinda links to the point above, but get a combo that does the job specifically for you. I use Noughty Care Taker Shampoo which is SLS-free and treats my greasy yet dandruffy scalp (also looks after the roots) and their Wave Hello Conditioner to keep my ends sleek and natural waves in place. Neither contain harsh chemicals and are 97% natural, and it’s given my locks a nice break after so much growth treatment.

8. Watch your diet and stress – our hair equally needs as much care as our skin or health, so pack in any extra foods or vitamins you need to keep the hairs growing long and strong (and not crinkled and crazy) – I’m talking iron, zinc, fish oils, the lot! Also stress contributes to a lot of frazzled hair, so whilst you should also watch it for your skin and health, think about your hair too when you’re pulling it in frustration!

And now, onto my new do! I got it chopped and re-styled a few weeks ago and I love the finish – it’s a soft modern 70’s vibe, with a grown out fringe and feathering all the way to the longest layer, which helps frame my face more and add some interest when it’s tied up. There’s a mix of short layers at the front cascading into longer ones, so it gives a nice tear-drop effect when styling yet keeps it feeling long. I like that the fringe isn’t too short, just enough to hang out and loose when in a bun but can also be tucked back behind my ears, and that I still have a good bit of length to play with – just don’t ask me to try a pull through braid yet…

Now that my hair is finally at my dream length, there’s only so much time before I start contemplating a chop again – at least I’ve got 5 months to consider it 😉


Photos by Kelly Prince-Wright

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