Dustin: You’re going to take out the demogorgon with a slingshot?

Lucas: First of all, it’s a wrist-rocket.

Firstly, how much does this red sky and eerie street slight scream ‘demogorgon incoming?’

Secondly, the calendar event of the year is here! I’ve been so hyped for Stranger Things since watching the first season earlier this year (because your gal was late on the Netflix train) and now all my binge-watching desires are about to be fulfilled again.

As someone who loves 80’s music and culture, and also drama and sci-fi and beautiful editing, Stranger Things is my new TV crush and I’ve watched the trailer at least 6 times a day – the amazing transitions, the music, the bloody glorious acting, it’s a nerdy editing lovers dream.

Luckily I was blessed with my own version of Hawkins’ red sky when Ophelia came along and plunged us into darkness at 2pm, letting me live out my 80’s fantasy minus the telekinesis whilst showing off my new purchases (well, as much as the light would allow me to, being dark and all).

If you remember my post a while ago about jeans, I did finally picked up a new pair – whilst I know M&S isn’t totally sustainable, they do have a few more eco-friendly options including these high-waisted skinny jeans. I haven’t worn fitted jeans for yonks but these are super comfortable, stretchy in the right places, and only £35 which is a bargain for jeans. I’d say to get a size smaller than your usual due to the stretch, and also you can pick your preferred leg length which is fab if you’re that bit smaller like me.

I feel like I’ve got more into colour this year, and was surprised when I found myself hankering after this red striped top (again M&S and £15 sustainable cotton – faaaaaab) – it’s nothing super amazing, but long sleeves, stripes, and little frilly cuffs make this a winner on chilly days. I especially dig the funnel neck, very early 80’s 😉

Top – M&S • Jeans – M&S • Bag – Matt and Nat Charity Hope Bag • Shoes – Converse

Without further ado, I’m going to go indulge for the next 9 hours on eggos, wrist rockets, and arcade games – just keep out for the demogorgons in the red sky alright?


Photos by Kelly

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