I won’t pretend this recipe is rocket science because lord knows we can all melt chocolate in a bowl (and then eat it straight away because chocolate) but what better version of chocolate is there than buttons?

Back in the dairy days, these were the ultimate snackable treat, a bag of buttons at a sleepover or watching a film were perfection and if you got the giant buttons then you could stick two together and make a big UFO chocolate – the dream.

I’ve been in the baking mood recently all thanks to Bake Off, so instead of my regular 70% chocolate I decided to take it up a level and make super fancy chocolate buttons!

A little bit of fruit, some flavouring, and some vegan white chocolate, and boom you’ve got a Tuesday night treat or something fancy to take to your friend’s house on the weekend (or just to enjoy yourself, because why not?)

Dark Chocolate Buttons

200g of Dark Chocolate

50g White Chocolate
Flavoured Syrup
Dried Cranberries
Toasted Hazelnuts

It’s all so easy – melt your chocolate over a medium heat in a bowl, and if you’re flavouring it with syrup (I used Pumpkin Vanilla) decant some chocolate in a separate bowl to infuse together. Take a teaspoon and create your buttons as little or large as desired, and as the chocolate sets add your other toppings – shaved white chocolate, toasted nuts, dried fruit – and leave in the fridge for at least an hour.

Once cooled and set, you’re ready for some gourmet buttons! What better way to spend your Monday?


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