As I mentioned in my last post, we’d decided the night before to get up at the crack of dawn on our last day and chase the sunrise to soak in as many of the hours we had left on the island as possible, and also get some glorious photos that made us look 10x more tanned than real life.

With it being another hot day (even at 7am), and about 30 minutes before the sun rose fully above our part of the island, we quickly got dressed, assembled our kit, and headed down to a cove we’d stumbled upon the day before for a sun bath of warmth and colour to shoot in.

The sea was glistening, the sun was glistening, and our skin most definitely was glistening after all the warmth and humidity. Thankfully though, you couldn’t really tell how glossy we were irl and it came off as a nice highlight instead, but really every crevice was sweating and it wasn’t cute but that’s the sacrifice of a hot summer holiday right? 😉 After much deliberation with the white balance (my bad), we finally got our best non-sweaty angles on and cracked on with the posing!

I think the silhouette photos are some of my faves from the trip, it was just so fun to get creative with shadows and the light was absolutely stunning, and as I said it hid all matter of sweat sins and squinting – there was a lot of squinting, because this gal forgot her sunglasses of course! – and also made me feel like we were all supermodels on location, and with our blogger team unit we certainly looked like a pro-team, all hands on to ‘get that shot’ for the gram.

There’s not a lot you can say about 30 minutes of sunshine frolicking, so I wanted to end on a sweet note about these ladies – we probably only spent 60 hours together in total, but I feel we really created a close knit bond and really connected with one another so quickly. Since leaving, we’ve been messaging daily on WhatsApp, arranging a little reunion, and pointing out all the flamingos we see in daily life to make it feel like we’re still abroad.

Jaye, what a fabulous trooper you were driving us around, you really handled a stressful situation well and I loved seeing how confident you became driving in a short period of time. Thanks for keeping me company to and from the airport home (you’re a true babe), and thanks for introducing me to chai latte along with Kelly; Kelly, you were such a fabulous roommate – I really felt you balanced my personality and made me a bit more chill (and it’s not because of the xanax), and you gave me such a confidence boost I basically need you with me all the time.

Jess you were the backbone of travel knowhow and always felt like the one to chat with when you wanted a moment of calm – you were also the biggest inspo for photo editing apps and generally being on top of your game, I need you to coach me in your technical knowhow and scheduling wizardry! And Leigh you were such a kindred spirit, you really had a beautiful zen vibe and it was great to find a fellow vegan on the trip who was also into spiritual practises (you also had an amazing wardrobe and I totally envy your style).

So with our final activity wrapped, it was time to say goodbye to Ibiza – but don’t worry, there’s still a few more posts to come…


Huge thank you again to Enterprise and Talented Talkers for inviting us on this trip. All opinions and love of sunshine are my own.

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