It’s an exciting yet daunting prospect when trying to dress up a stark white room in a new home – how do you make it your own? How do you inject colour? How do you make it smell of cinnamon enough to feel cosy and autumnal all the time? Priorities I assure you.

My last room was a lilac grey which now I think of it, made the room feel homey a lot quicker than white, because you have that neutral colour there already, so although white is glorious in the morning, it’s needed a serious injection of life to make me feel settled in better.

I already had a few prints from the previous place to get me started, but there’s always just cause for a few extra homewares and purchases to spruce up a room right? That’s what I’m telling my bank account anyway…

Something I’d had my eye on for a while was one of these lovely felt ball garlands from Nordic in Kent on Etsy; I believe I was searching for *cough* Christmas garlands *cough* when the shop came up recommended and I absolutely loved all the pre-made and customisable options. I loved that there were more grown up colours alongside natural muted tones and bold brights, and it did make picking my garland a bit difficult, however Heli who runs the store was great at offering advice (and patience) even creating some colour combinations she thought I’d like and it was so so helpful.

In the end I opted for a mix of turquoise, denim blue, white, and pink, all shades that are already present in my room for an extra pop. Because I don’t ave any long surfaces, Heli was able to create two 1m garlands for me so I could spread them out and it really filled in a lot of the blank spaces and created a gorgeous homey touch.

As an extra plus, I have a 15% discount code (not spon just sharing) to use on the Etsy store until the end of the year, so if you need some colourful balls in your life, use the code IGOFFERNIK and get some colour on your walls!

Another Etsy buy were these vegan candles from Lindsay Lucas Candles, again found when searching for seasonal scents that would satisfy my picky tastes. I’m not a huge fan of overly sugary sweet scents or anything fruity, so I went in a bit blind with my selection and relied on the reviews and ingredients to make a choice.

I opted for Gingerbread and Pumpkin Pie, both very similar in ingredients with Gingerbread having more soft vanilla undertones and Pumpkin that kick of sugar. I’ll admit on first sniff, I wasn’t keen on Pumpkin Pie as it was very baked (imagine Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie) however after burning it I’ve found it not to be too overpowering but it does linger, so maybe don’t burn it after a big meal or you might end up feeling it say hello again.

Gingerbread is gorgeous however, I love the warming notes and how it’s subtle enough to scent a room but not overpower it (can you tell I’ve spent a fair bit of time in the aisles of Homesense smelling candles?) and it’s really got me all settled into Autumn and cosiness and hot chocolates and can I start watching The Holiday yet and eat roast dinners every night?

One last item are some multi-coloured fairy lights from Matalan, an absolute bargain at £10 and they change colour from blue to green to yellow to pink, which you don’t get a lot of nowadays unless you’ve got some 90s lights gathering dust in the attic. It feels very Stranger Things when all the lights are off bar these, but they’re really fun and again have added some much needed fun and colour into my room – just watch out for Demogorgons and the like.

Other items I’ve moved across include a few vases from LSA and Amara Living, my White Company winter candle, and of course my prints from Posterlounge which have made my space just that bit easier to settle into, but there is a nice little online basket filled with some new posters and prints I think I might just have to purchase – spaces to fill and all 😉


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