CAN YOU BLAME ME FOR THE TITLE?! (no, you can not)

It’s only been a few days since I got back from Ibiza, but being the classic over-excited editor I am I’ve already whizzed through nearly half my photos and spent hours on end scrolling through them whilst listening to my Ibiza Road-Trip playlist, reminiscing about peach juice, air-con, and being a classic Brit in heat complaining about the soaring temperatures.

I’ve never really done a road-trip before, let alone a girls trip, so when the opportunity arose to head out for sun, sea, and a lot of photo opportunities, I couldn’t say no (nor charge all my batteries and wipe my SD cards quick enough.)

In the quickest turnaround known to man, we planned a trip to Ibiza in a matter of two days, hiring a car to take us around the island and allow us to discover more than what Ibiza is thought to offer. I’d visited island before to stay with a friend, and know how much easier it can be to have a car, so was up for finally getting around and about, especially with a group of girls I hadn’t known so well beforehand, but formed a special and fast bond with over the course of 48 hours (what can I say, surviving an intense heatwave and having a shared passion for photos and food can do that to people).

We were invited out by Enterprise to give their car hire services in Ibiza a whirl, and I never expected them to have locations all the way over in Spain, but knowing we had a trustworthy company to provide us with te transportation tools for exploration made the trip so easy, and also made it easy for us to get 5 bags of blogger kit into the boot each day – so many outfit changes, so much heat too.

So where do we begin? Well after a very early morning on Thursday (4am is not your friend) myself and Jaye headed to Stansted to meet the other girls – Kelly, Leigh, and Jess – before quickly rushing through security, grabbing some much needed coffee and tea, and just about got settled on our flight on time – not without my hat flying off once or twice though, problems of a small noggin.

We were greeted by what can only be described as intense heat thanks to our pal Heatwave Lucifer – you’ll be hearing about him a lot this trip – and went to at the Enterprise station in Ibiza Airport to pick up the keys to our new ride, a Mercedes B Class which thank the lord had some air-con and was automatic, a blessing as most of us had never driven the other side of the road before. Jaye loved the car so much in fact she’s considering getting it herself, the true sign of love.

30 minutes later, we finally arrived at our new home – Hostal Flamingo, which was described as tranquil and quiet, and lord above it was enough to get me packing my suitcase there quick. But more on that in my next post…

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about Ibiza, it’s that having a car is absolutely necessary; it allows you to see so much more of the island and is much more cost effective than taxis, plus there’s parking pretty much everywhere and is so dirt cheap it makes you weep at the thought of inner-city car park charges in England.

Having an Enterprise available at the airport means you can step straight from the plane to the car and get on your way, with minimal hanging around and total freedom to explore towns, cafes, and beaches – hey you may even get to off-road once or twice 😉

With so much freedom ahead of us, we definitely needed an hour or two to relax, and once you’ve see the pool you’ll wonder how we ever tore ourselves away…

This trip was complimentary of Enterprise and Talented Talkers who arranged our trip and provided transport, inviting us out to explore the island and test their European car locations. All thoughts and opinions my own, as is a love of air-con.


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