After a winding drive from Es Vedrà, we finally arrived in Ibiza Old Town with bellies shouting for food and bodies dying for shade and breeze.

Despite being really prepared for vegan food, I had to quickly Google the best option in Ibiza Town from the car (thank lord for no roaming charges!) and came across a restaurant which had come up a few times but I hadn’t checked out properly called Out Of Time People – Simbiosis.

It’s a fully vegetarian and vegan restaurant, all organic and fresh, and was a saving grace when it came to re-fueling a group of over-heated ladies.

We all opted for the daily special of pink and mint lemonade, chinking our glasses together as congrats for getting through the heat together, and quickly began scanning the menu for much needed deliciousness.

Despite having bread for breakfast, myself and Leigh opted for the vegan burger because when don’t you get a vegan burger? We needed those carbs, and also I needed to compare burgers from across the island – maybe this should be a series, good excuse to go back and have more burgers.

Kelly and Jaye both opted for lighter salads which looked colourful and delicious, packed full of green goodness to get us through the afternoon, whilst Jess chose the Lentil Koftas which sounded spicy and too filling but looked and smelt like a dream – everyone had empty plates so you can definitely call this a successful meal.

The burger was absolutely out of this world, perfect flavour and texture whilst being the perfect amount of filling. Leigh and I kept catching each others eye and gave one another ‘The Look’ which meant it was so delicious and made lots of ‘MMMMM’ noises’ I’d easily have eaten two.

With full bellies, we left in search of ice-cream and cold drinks, and also to find some pretty spots for photos.

Ibiza Old Town has a lovely mix of architecture, colour, and bustle – from the pastel salmon buildings to the biggest Mango you’ll ever see, and the yachts with helicopters on to the families hiding under the trees, sipping cold lemonades and refreshment.

Speaking of refreshment, a long day in the sun with minimal breeze was beginning to take its toll and we were all dreaming of being dunked in water to make walking bearable again, so a group decision was made to head back to the pool and spend some time exploring the local area before heading out for a fancy last evening meal – because all trips revolve around food right?

With a few detours down pretty streets sprawling with flowers, we finally reached the car and headed back to base – grab your swimming costume, because the next post will be making a splash!


This trip was complimentary of Enterprise and Talented Talkers who arranged our trip and provided transport, inviting us out to explore the island and test their European car locations. All thoughts and opinions my own, as is a love of burgers.

Some products in this post may have been sent for review or gifted, and will be marked with a * or c/o. All opinions are mine are not influenced by brands or companies. Please see my full disclaimer for more.

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