Okay, I promise that these are the last few makeup additions to my collection for now, as my lipstick section is already pretty full and there’s only so much for one face, but I just really like find new products and brands that give you ‘face’ and become instant faves.

As well as having a few products in ‘currently testing’ status, there are a few that zoomed straight into my daily routine, and they deserve a little time in the spotlight especially as some are new releases perfect for thinking about that autumn lip you’re going to start rocking soon (I’m still torn if I want sunshine or hot chocolates)

I was watching Rhian’s channel when looking for cruelty-free/vegan recommendations and she picked Too Faced Born This Way* as her Ride or Die foundation, which I’d completely forgot about even though Zoe had shown me her whole collection when staying over, and since getting matched in Porcelain it’s been one of my go-to faves. It’s great medium to full coverage, and makes my skin look how it should be – natural, spot-free, not too matte or dewy, just the perfect finish.

I currently mix it with Becca Aqua Luminous Foundation for a warmer complexion, but come autumn/winter it’ll be the right ‘where has the sun gone’ shade and sit well on top of all that much needed hydrating skincare. I’d say it’s best for all skin types as it’s easy to mix with other formulas if you’re too oily or dry, but it’s definitely a fab product that puts heavy duty coverage with natural looking texture!

Another love from Too Faced that is too good to eat (although not recommended) is Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in Light*, and this has been amazing for a more natural bronze/blending out that contour. It’s that lovely ‘just sunkissed’ glow that blends your lightest untanned areas with your chiseled cheeks seamlessly, a natural shade that’s not too orange, brown, or grey, and breathes life and colour into your skin.

Come the cooler months, this will most likely be my source of glow and probably a bit more of a contour shade, but such a natural finish and I can’t shout out enough how good it is (and how tanned it makes me look when I don’t look or feel it)

A new launch which has not only got me really excited but also serves that long-lasting colour are the Pür Velvet Matte Liquid Lipsticks*. Now I’ve been a bit hit-or-miss with liquid lips, some brands being okay and others yes, but these are an instant yes and so different to anything I’ve tried; the formula is really creamy, borderline mousse, and has incredible pigmentation that lasted well through a burger and smoothie without smudging or bleeding – the ultimate test!

Pink lipstick isn’t my usual, but the two more pink shades have a nice undertone of magenta in the lighter shade and dusty mauve in the medium, which makes them a bit more wearable I find and a little more…adult? Can you have adult pink shades? But they look softer and I kid you not, you can apply one dab of this on the lips and smush it out, and it still has amazing pigmentation that lasts – talk about a lipstick that goes a long way.

Finally from Pür is their Eye Polish* which is great for speedy sparkly eyes – you can use it as a primer, shadow, or a gloss on top of your chosen colour, and when I really cba with effort I always rely on this for a bit of summin’summin. Satin is a gorgeous rose gold bronzey shade, and it works for all occasions – running out to town? Going out for dinner? Just need something to add a pop without being too much? I kid you not, it will solve every eye makeup conundrum.

I’ll admit it’s best used with a normal brush and not the plastic spoolie it comes with (or fingers, because it goes up you nail and makes me shiver), and blends so easily – just pat, sparkle, and go!


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