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I’ve been a bit off grid recently, only glancing over social a few times a day when I can because excitingly, I’m moving house in a few days! It’s been a bit of a swift decision, so it’s meant the last week or so has been taken up with building boxes and filling them with all my possessions, whilst also trying to clear out at least 40% of things I own because your girl loves to declutter.

It’s not been without challenge though – viewing houses around work meant rushing from place to place, and then trying to pack around jobs too means having to plan days better so I can balance editing with removals and also general sleeping and eating.

Anything on a large scale takes it out of me, I feel my energy drop and need to get out of a funk asap to keep my productivity up, but this time I’ve tried to make an effort with balancing and planning my day, and worked out over time how you can 100% manage a move when balancing it with life and work commitments:

• Split up the day: I have a bit of a bad habit of trying to wake up early and do work in bed for a bit before 8am, but always end up typing and writing until 10am by at which point I feel gross, am ravenous, and probably not going to productive again until later in the day. When you have big life changes happening, it’s best to just get up and go as soon as you can – wake up, wash, eat breakfast, get dressed, and address what you need to do first. Maybe you have a work deadline for midday which the means you can pack some belongings after lunch, and then do emails in the evening? Or out of office hours, you can write, have a sort out of clothes and books, and start building boxes to pack the following day. Having a structured routine makes all the difference.

• Make time to eat well: As I said, I have a bad habit of working through hunger and then eating poorly because I’m way past the point of sanity. Eating three meals a day keeps me going and I aim to balance these as much as I can, but as with any large amount of mental and physical work you need to stay replenished; daily I try to drink 1.5 litres of water and when I need food I opt for a small bag of Yushoi Snacks, which contains a high amount of protein from peas that’s key to helping me stay focused and energised, plus being a low calorie alternative that’s packed with flavour such as Lightly Salted or Balsamic Vinegar, it keeps me balanced and reaching for more healthy options during the day!

• Find an activity to decompress with: My head gets easily overloaded, and during the day when packing or after a lot of computer work, I need to do something that eases my mind and basically resets me to zero. Sometimes it’s watching vlogs (mainly vlogmas at the moment, and I know, it’s early) and more recently it’s been cooking – just stepping away from a screen or endless packing motions, to the calming process of making a meal and focusing on something easy for a while, it brings a sense of calm and also a yummy meal to my place 😉

• Say yes to only what’s necessary: I’m all about hustle and getting paid for what you do best, but there’s also honouring the right commitments rather than spreading yourself too thin. If I already have client work booked it, then it goes ahead, but anything new or that isn’t a job has to be sidelined. It’s tough when you want to be shooting clients or having meetings, but you have to make sure big things like moving go ahead with help and ease, and hey, they’ll always be there afterwards to meet once you’re settled!

• Don’t rush and listen to your head: There’s no reason to do a poor job quickly when you can take your time and do it well. Whether it’s packing efficiently over cramming it all in one box and hoping for the best, or editing without really looking at the details so you can tick a job off your list, do the best you can in the time you’ve got, and if you’re head is full or just can’t continue with the task any longer, take note and change. Change your scenery, change task, go decompress and reset, and if it’s 11pm then go to bed because we all need sleep to function (and for general cosiness). Keep your head in check, remember to eat well, and do the best you can – also, ask for help if you need it! 6 hands is better than 2!

So if you see me off grid for a little longer, just know I’m knee-deep in the un-packing for a bit now, but I’ll be back soon, and in the meantime, send me all your speedy packing vibes!


Post in collaboration with Yushoi, however all opinions and unpacking power is my own!

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