Let’s flamingo-go-go!

There aren’t many places I’d call a home away from home, but Hostal Flamingo is definitely one of them; situated North-East of the island and surrounded by dry grassland, Hostal Flamingo is for islanders looking for somewhere quiet and calm to enjoy the weather without the full-on atmosphere of clubs and nightlight. Sure, there is nightlife – we were serenaded by party-goers at an ABBA karaoke one night which was not a problem at all – but it’s mainly chilled families, couples, and locals who stick true to the hippy lifestyle that inhabit Es Canar mostly.

Hostal Flamingo is about 40 minutes from the airport, and after a long morning of travel we were more than ready to unpack and unwind in the sunshine before getting started with the rest of our trip – the pool was definitely calling our names by that point.

The hotel is a small boutique which really made it feel private and safe, not to mention totally photogenic with all the flamingos dotted around! With only 27 rooms, you’re not really going to bump into many people during the day, nor are you going to have to share the pool as most people go explore the island for the most-part, so if you’re after tranquility or just want to be left alone, this is the perfect place to escape.

Speaking of rooms, they’re a good size for twin, double, and singles, with a balcony and small bathroom, and some fitted with air-con and others an over-head fan, which was such a saviour thanks to our pal Heatwave Lucifer. I bunked with Kelly which was so nice as we were able to get to know and bond with each other better (I still miss her telling me how cute I look every morning), Leigh and Jess were together next door so I could conveniently pass suncream to them over the balcony, and Jaye was down the hall where she could rest from being the total champion of only named driver of the trip – she did great fyi.

After a quick change into swimsuits (one pieces all round because being scrunched up on a plane for hours gave us all odd lines/just wanna suck it in) we headed to the pool which was all ours for the afternoon! Being able to dip into a pool during 32 degree heat is nothing short of a blessing, and also the perfect opportunity for several splashing Boomerangs which we fully took advantage of 😉

Knowing that we only had a short time, we fully soaked up some sunshine whilst taking snaps of one another, did a few laps/just bobbed in the water to cool off, and made plans for dinner – because if you can’t find friends who revolve their life around food, then you need new friends.

Before we get to dinner, let’s discuss the cute courtyard – dotted with wooden tables, comfy sofas, and lots of pink birds as friends, it’s the perfect sun and shade trap to enjoy a drink either from the bar or local supermarket. Coupled with dappled sunlight from the palm trees and delicate pink flowers, it was potentially my dream photo location, and each morning we’d pick up fruit and freshly baked bread rolls from the buffet table with a bottle of peach juice and copious amount of coffee and peppermint tea to get our day started – I’m definitely missing those bread rolls still.

One of my favourite parts of spending time in the courtyard was our late night wine-fuelled bonding sessions (okay, I was on the water); we came home from our first meal and wandered down to the local supermarket to pick up a few bottles of wine that were dirt-cheap, cheaper than water, and set ourselves up with some big glasses and candles to chat the night away. It was probably one of my favourite moments from the trip, and really threw us in the deep end of getting to know one another but there was no pressure, and honestly these girls were a dream to travel and talk with *gets soppy*

Finally after a few hours of swimming, snaps, and suncream, we piled into the shower to freshen up for dinner, before getting a few sunset snaps on the balcony and out-front because it was truly glorious, but if you wan’t something even more glorious (aka chips and carbs) then you’ll have to tune into my next post….

Our stay at Hostel Flamingo and trip to Ibiza was courtesy of Talented Talkers as part of a campaign with Enterprise Cars, all thoughts and opinions and love of swimming pools are my own.


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