Us Brits really aren’t built for warm weather are we? I’m currently sat typing this in my attic bedroom which feels like it’s holding the heat of the sun, wondering what winter feels like and fresh air, yet when we took these pictures in Ibiza it was 33ºc and the humid burning heat was real – Heatwave Lucifer did not come to play.

It’s that classic moment of when anyone in the UK sees sunshine and it’s all shorts and crop tops, because we need as much exposure and absorption of heat possible, and let me tell you that whilst shorts are usually all well and good, in that level of warm they’re not your friend – all worth the sweaty sacrifice for sunshine though 😉

With the warm talk out the way, I wanted to share one of my new favourite tees from People Tree, a classic slogan with a message we should all get on board with.

Equality is something I believe is a fundamental right, and there have been times I’ve not voiced my opinion because I don’t know how or because I don’t feel educated enough on intersectional causes to start telling people how to think or feel or act. I have not had the experiences of others, so don’t feel I can even start to compare, but I’m trying to listen, read, witness, and find information where I can so I can understand and add a voice to the thousands already championing out there.

It seems silly that wearing a t-shirt stating EQUALITY should add anything to the conversation, and it might not be anything huge, but as someone who struggles with vocalising a lot of the time, the message for me is loud and clear.

The t-shirt itself is exclusive to ASOS yet still has the same People Tree ethos – 100% organic cotton, made by an Indian based fashion company called Fusion that believes in using the planet’s resources carefully, and also promotes safe working environments.

Finding sustainable and eco-friendly fashion that looks good and also does good has proved challenging at times, and I’ve thankfully been pointed out on brands thats greenwash and are really is doing an ethical job by other bloggers, making shopping consciously a lot easier, and it makes me feel like I’m doing more with my money by purchasing from places that support their workers and suppliers in the long run. There are so many brands out their supporting better quality living and better quality production, it just takes some digging!

Now with all this talk of heat and the humidity rising in my room now (I don’t know how I’m going to sleep, also didn’t mean to quote The Weather Girls) I think I’m warming up to the idea of autumn for once – just don’t make me pack up the t-shirts just yet!


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