I was going to start this post with ‘hey guys, sorry for another beauty post and not switching up my content to something different etc etc’ but hell heck who cares, if there’s something you want to share then share away! I’m trying not to over-think content so much, just posting what I’m into right now and keeping it relatively varied whilst sticking to what’s making me happy right now.

All that’s probably best for another post, as today I really want to share a few lipsticks I’ve been loving, which I noticed when putting the post together were all different formulas and are perfect for different occasions (basically, an excuse to buying more lipsticks amiright?)

The Your Lips But Better Lip Balm – If I’m fancying a little something minimal or are prepping my lips for the day, then Tata Harper Volumising Lip + Cheek Tint in Very Popular* is the perfect option. On a no makeup day, you can apply it for a slight blush of colour, or as a base for lipstick and liner when wearing makeup. It’s multipurpose too, doubling for blush or even a glossy eye-lid, and is extremely buildable too. The only let down is that it’s in a pot which makes it a little less hygienic, but the colour and formula is beautiful, plus perfect for travel! CF

The Everyday Lip Tint – Whether it’s a low-key natural day, the saving grace ‘I forgot lipstick’ option in your handbag, or a subtle tint for a dramatic eye, then Inika Ultimate Organic Lip Tint* is, well, the ultimate choice. It’s a very opaque yet decent hint of coloured balm that adds a nice pop of colour depending on what shade you pick (I have Cosmic which looks purpley-red in the bullet but applies as a nice mid-berry, with the added shimmer pigments giving it more dimension and shine) and is easy to apply on-the-go without fear of a smudged line or bleeding, it’s literally the easiest grab-and-go tinted balm you can find. As with all of Inika, this balm is vegan, cruelty-free, halal, and organic, so you’re really getting all the good stuff in one stick! CF/V

The Statement Stain – My current favourite lip product is W3LL PEOPLE Nudist Colorbalm in Cherry which is the perfect in-between of balm and lipstick. It has the pigmentation of a matte lipstick with the soft hydration of a balm, and the ingredients are pretty impressive too coming from an eco-brand. The shade cherry is really quite incredible, it’s a brick red with great staying power, and even after the gloss has gone, it settles down into a semi-matte finish that keeps a lovely stain to reapply more product onto all day long with ease. Again, keep this in your bag for emergencies and you’ll be looking chic in no time. CF/V

The Apply It Quick For Somethin’Somethin’ Nude – The first actual lipstick in this roundup is Perricone MD No Lipstick Lipstick*, the currently sold-out shade due to Gal Gadot wearing it in Wonder Woman. It’s quite a unique formula as it adapts a nice natural pink to any natural lip-colour, although I assume with darker lips it will be more of a clear sheen as it’s not really pigmented. This has more of a semi-matte finish, which makes it more of a sophisticated option in comparison to the balms, and has that creamier texture of lipstick which makes you feel a bit more glam, but it can be slightly more drying so maybe the perfect chance to mix in some of those aforementioned lip balms 😉 As far as cult nudes go, this is a definitely up there. CF

The Daytime Semi-Matte Colour Pop – I’ll admit, I’m more of colour gal when it comes to lips, the more colour the better, which is why a lot of my looks are finished with Smashbox Lipstick in Wrap Party. I call it the ultimate ’90’s terracotta brown’, a little bit of red, orange, and brown, and perfect for a daytime summer/autumn transition. It’s also a softer version of the traditional summer coral, which is nice if you want a muted lip rather than something bright, and because it’s semi-matte it’s easy to smush in and is quite long-lasting when applied from the bullet too. All in all, it’s my favourite colour, and is always a go-to when in a lipstick crisis! CF

The 90’s Nude Liquid Lip – It’s rare I wear liquid lips these days, but I’ve started trying them out again and one of the first I added to my collection was NYX Lip Lingerie in Corset, a very light shade with an almost concealer lips throwback but a bit more brown to make it up-to-date. If you’re a fan of that old school smokey eyes, bronzed skin, and nude lips, this is 100% the perfect shade; it’s a little drying at times, but a bit of primer or balm will keep it comfortable all day. Reapplying is okay after two applications but wouldn’t recommend more, nor do you need it really! The Lip Lingerie range is one of my favourites for high street prices, and the shade range is impressive too, owning about 3 colours from the range already (can you tell I’m a lip hoarder?) CF

The Perfect Autumnal/Dark Matte – I don’t think you can fault Charlotte Tilbury when it comes to lipstick, and when I wanted a statement forever dark shade, I had to opt for Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Birkin Brown. The Colour Revolution range is fab, there’s so many shades for different looks, but brown has always been my favourite for something more dramatic and it suits my skin-tone so well. If you find berry a bit much on your skin, especially in winter, brown adds that much needed warmth and luckily Birkin Brown has been formulated so it won’t give you that 90’s yellow teeth vibe, so there’s no reason not to try 😉 Matte, long-lasting yet comfortable, and cheaper than the bag, this is one Birkin you need. CF/V

The Ultimate Red Lip – Finally a classic red, and after much brain racking, it had to be Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lip in Outlaw. A brick red that is so bright yet suitable for day and night, the formula is comfortable without being too drying, and honestly, there’s not much to fault on KVD’s lipsticks. I’ve had my eye on their nude shades for years, even their blue one, so if you need a long-serving shade (one that will get everyone asking ‘what are you wearing?’ and last through a lot of meals) then treat yo’self to this pronto, one purchase you won’t regret. CF/V


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