I was one of those kids who wished they’d broken their arm so I could wear a cast and have people sign it – pretty weird, but it felt like some rite of passage to wear a neon bandage like all the other cool kids (in hindsight I’m glad I have no broken bones because bodily things out of place, in or out, makes me vom now, so I’m glad to have kept all my femurs in place.)

Back on topic, another thing I always wanted was to wear glasses – my parents wore them, Harry Potter wore them, and I actively blame David Tennant and Tumblr for wanting to wear clear frames for most of my teenage years. I wasn’t actively hoping for poor eyesight, in fact it was my mum’s worst nightmare for me to have less than 20-20 vision, but that didn’t stop me popping the plastic lens out my 3D glasses and pretending.

I’ve always felt glasses suited my face (and also hid the fact I was bad at eyeliner) and added some sort of interest, made my eyes look more noticeable, and after many many years staring at a computer screen, my eyes began screaming for a break and I got my first prescription. I’ve had a basic frame since autumn for watching TV and driving in (I’ll admit I did forget to watch TV a few times wearing them and it was a strain oops) but had been looking for a new ~cooler~ pair for a long time when David Clulow invited me along to get my eyes re-tested and pick out a pair of frames from Ray Ban – finally, the dream glasses I’d always wanted!

Myself and Jaye headed to their Covent Garden store a few weeks ago to have a look at some frames, and got lots of helpful advice from the team there – it was great that they weren’t just selling pitch, but actually looking at our style, face shapes, and colouring to determine a pair that would really suit us long-term. After a quick scout, we headed downstairs for the eye-test which was a complete breeze (and sans air blow in the eye breeze which we all know is the worst part, makes my head rush!) and I’ve honestly never seen such a detailed variety of lenses to create the perfect unique prescription for your eyes. I really felt they’d treated each eye individually and made sure everything was as clear as possible, and after thinking my prescription had gotten worse, I found I was exactly the same as last autumn – result!

With the eye test done, we headed back upstairs for an intense try-on session; I really liked the idea of oversized round or cat-eye glasses, but was worried it wouldn’t suit me or there wouldn’t be the right shape for my face. I picked up a few pairs I knew were safe options, but kept looking back at the round options, and luckily the assistant noticed and encouraged me to try – I have to admit, judging a pair in a small mirror can really skew how something looks on your face, but as soon as I went to their full-length mirror the glasses looked different and more importantly suited me! After much toing and froing I went for the RX5283 and have been so pleased with my choice since.

We had some quick checks to test how they’d sit on our nose, and also had our old glasses cleaned (because some smudges won’t budge) and were told they’d take about 8 days to be made to prescription and back in store, however 3 days later they were ready for collection – that’s some speedy service I can get on board with.

In the time it took to come back and pick up my frames, I’d completely forgotten how they looked, so trying them on first time with lenses was great because 1) I could see and 2) they looked so much more stylish than before (I also have to credit my Haim-vibe outfit I was rocking). The manager was so helpful, making sure they fit on our head properly, that we could see, and that we also were 100% on the frame, and he and the whole team who helped us along the way did an amazing job with amazing service. It was all amazing, can you tell?

So with new glasses and a pal in tow to help with photos *wink wink* it was time to show ’em off!

I’m truly living my art student dreams of glasses and high-waisted jeans, coupled with some serious double denim – blame the Haim obsession, I am a wannabe Este Haim through and through. After a few days wearing my Ray Ban specs now, I’m please to report they’ve only left my face for sleep, eating, and showering (the three most important tasks) and I’m in love with the shape; I’ve taken numerous selfies, practised with my eyeliner more for better ‘makeup for glasses’ skills, and they’ve almost become part of me. Of course, I don’t have to wear them all the time and my eyesight is still good, but I’m so pleased with my vision and the look of the frames I just can’t go without!

A huge thank you to the team at David Clulow Covent Garden for their advice and service from start to finish, and for hooking up us short-sighted folk with stylish frames, and finally Jaye for being on photo duty for me – you papped me good 😉

Glasses were courtesy of David Clulow, however all views and specs appeal are my own! Thank you to Talented Talkers for asking me to be part of this campaign.


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