I’m going to start today’s post off-topic because it’s currently Sunday afternoon and it’s just been announced that Jodie Whittaker is the first female Doctor and I’m very, very emotional (I’ve cried twice). I don’t think I realised how much female representation was needed until a few years ago, and I too was very happy in my male-led sci-fi bubble, but I feel so much appreciation and happiness seeing a woman at the centre of my favourite childhood TV show (which hopefully now becomes ‘All Time Fave’ again thanks to a new showrunner as well) and I’m so excited for the spring when she starts – might be time to get my old merch out again 😉

Back to the beauty, and I’m so excited to be getting into more cruelty-free/vegan features on the blog, not only because I’ve got to purchase a few new products as replacement, but because there’s so much variety! The range of brands that are cruelty-free now is so impressive, and I’m kicking it off today with a look at some Perricone MD products I’ve been testing.

Until recently, I called Perricone MD the ‘readily accessible Glossier’ due to fact they have similar ‘no makeup makeup’ vibes, but as Glossier is set to come to the UK in a few months it’ll be interesting to see their differences, especially since they’re both mainy cruelty-free (with Glossier having some vegan products in production). But that doesn’t mean Perricone is any less worthy of a spot in your makeup drawer – the formula of each product is seriously impressive, covers the key elements you really need, and looks pretty in it’s packaging too (not that I’m fickle at all ;))

Let’s start with base: the No-Foundation Foundation comes in two shades, Fair and Medium, of which I wear the former and think it’s a bit too light on me, making me look more white and pale than I normally am. It’s also quite light yet buildable coverage, so a paler shade that still highlights redness or spots maybe isn’t as great as a darker shade to hide imperfections with subtle tan. The medium shade also isn’t much darker, so the range isn’t well catered to darker skintones – hopefully this is somethign the brand is looking in to as the formula is worth sharing across the board!

I like the finish, between dewy and normal skin almost, and it looks natural on the skin. I’ve mixed it with other bases too and it still holds true to a skin-like complexion, so if you’re a fan of something easy to apply and wear daily this is definitely up your street. I’d like more coverage, but really, I just want better skin so I can wear the foundation more often!

Blush is something I’ve tackled with over the years, but the No-Blush Blush is a very nice natural flush for those who like the low-key vibe – it takes a few goes to get the perfect application and amount for your skin (don’t use 3 drops, I looked like Lil’ Poundcake) but it’s a very nice bright yet warm pink flush that makes any usual cheek redness look a bit more done. This is probably my least used product, but when autumn comes round I think I’ll reach for it a bit more.

I love a minimal eye that still adds depth and a bit of summin’summin’, and the No-Eyeshadow Eyeshadow is a fab taupe-beige, literally your natural eye colour with a bit more grey and two tones darker. It’s subtle and evens out the eye-socket, it’s buildable, and it works well with other powder or cream products. You don’t need a lot, but it makes a big difference to me and is my favourite product out of the ones I’ve tried. A must for any low-key neutral eye gal!

Highlighter is another thing I’m a bit hit-or-miss with, but this glow is so easy to apply I need some restraint in the department. The No-Highlighter Highlighter is a cool-pink tone, but it blends effortlessly into the skin which I think would make it easy for anyone to wear. I apply three dots to either cheekbone, two on my nose, and one on my forehead and cupid’s bow – it’s soft yet eye-catching, and really adds a nice dimension to my face (because I need dimension) another easy on-the-go product that will do a lot of work with such little product.

Finally, the No-Lipstick Lipstick; this is currently sold out due to Gal Gadot wearing it in Wonder Woman, and no wonder (excuse the pun) because the shade is gorgeous – it’s meant to mimic the natural rosy colour of your lips, very easy to throw on and a great finish too, a bit matte but softer. I will say it’s quite drying in a different way to the usual mattes, it’s as if over time it slowly draws moisture out your lips and even with a generous amount of balm underneath the stain still leaves you a bit dry, which is sad considering the lovely colour. Regardless, I love the colour and am still working out how to keep it lasting all day and soft on the lips, to stay tuned!

If you prefer minimal coverage and a natural look, I’d recommend looking at a few of the products, specifically the eyeshadow and highlighter, and the foundation if you are paler. I think there could be more of a colour range across the board, and that the lipstick could be more hydrating, but other than that, it’s inspired me to keep my skin clear and happy so I don’t need to wear as much makeup when popping out – the fact it’s cruelty-free is an added bonus too!

I’ll be doing a lot more cruelty-free/vegan reviews and roundups over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes out for that, and if you have any recommendations let me know below!


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