It may be an unoriginal way to start a post this time of month but HOW IS IT JULY? I curse the days after my birthday as the year whizzes by so fast until autumn, it honestly feels like it should be the start of May.

With that being said, half the year has passed us now (we are all ageing, unless you’ve got some Benjamin Button genes going on) and I was thinking about my F*ck Budget from the start of this year after picking up Get Your Sh*t Together this week. It was so easy to throw together a classic New Year Resolution list, but had I actually kept in line with it? Conciously or subconciously even?

Let’s start with the F*ck Budget, as it was shorter and a bit more realistic.

1. See a dermatologist
Since January, I have been to a dermatologist once. There are many reasons for it (money, location etc) but a lot of the time I just trick myself out of it, and also I sometimes get worried about the products they’re using and advising as I feel I know my skin. In my bid to become more cruelty-free, I did find a CF dermatologist in London which was also cheaper so I think this has been my calling to get better skin with better ingredients! WOOO!

2. Do things by myself
This was aimed at me going to conventions and YouTube gigs alone, but I haven’t uploaded in 6 months sooo…..BUT the promise still applies, and I’ve been going to events by myself and trying to form friendships and connections with people, people I never thought I’d meet or work with which is a huge plus. I still get wobbles, like wanting to go see a drag comedy show with someone else for various reasons, but maybe I could girl up and go alone because I? would? have? fun? TRY IT.

3. Book and commit to things
Kinda links to above, but I have had a few breakthroughs with this – I committed to an event in February, I took a spontaneous trip to Whistable, also stuck to my guns going to Bath for the day (long travel, worth it for the fudge), and even the small task of committing to going into London and seeing pals has become easier – I always worried that the day wouldn’t be long enough or people would be buys, but if you don’t ask you don’t get right?

4. Explore things I’m interested in
Man how things have changed with the things I was interested in 6 months ago! I’ve finished all the Studio Ghibli films I bought and now want to go to Japan, I’ve been trying new photo styles which has been so fun after periods of frustration and feeling a bit down about work, and I’ve also been researching more into cruelty-free beauty which has helped direct the way my blog moves forward also. My interests change all the time, but I’m glad that when something comes up I really run with it.

5. Bring in more colour

Well, who knew I’d have so much pink in my life? At the start of the year I had one pink jumper in a sea of blue and now my wardrobe is all shades of colour – okay, it’s still mianly blue, BUT I’M TRYING. Since deciding to buy more sustainable clothes, it’s been a little harder to source things but I have foudn some great sites and have a lonnnng wishlist of items to buy – makes the haul a lot sweeter 😉

6. Stand up for myself more
I’ve definitely had moments this year where I’ve said my piece even when it’s made my people pleasing side of me cringe, and I feel all the better for it. If you can’t say what you truly feel or what you believe is fair and right for your happiness, why are you holding back and squashing yourself? Whether it’s been payment or a brief, a conversation with friends or a political belief, I’ve felt a lot more confident saying what I feel, even if it’s taking time still.

7. Enjoy the process of planning
I still have three planners, but one is now my iPhone which I use on-the-go and to put things in striaght away (as my phone is just permenantly attached to me) and then update my main diary later. It does make me feel like I’m neglecting my written diary, but it helps be organised across the board (except for an incident this week where I was actually triple booked at one time and I have no idea how that happened but it was a lesson learnt, goodness me!) ALWAYS CHECK DATES!!

8. Take time to create aka chill out and be happy
Something I always feared was becoming a background burner, putting my blog and content last to focus on photography work, and at times I’ve had to post less on my blog and sometimes on social so I can focus on my jobs (which a year ago would’ve made me feel absolutely useless) Even if a part of me freaks out, I know I’m prioritising my mind because editing and looking at a computer can be mentally draining and why push it when I could just lie down and watch a Drag Race episode in the background whilst I regain my energy? I do know I also need to be more organised and productive, but I also know when something needs to be left alone and what needs doing first, and I’m all the more better mentally for it.

9. Start a project
I had some wicked project ideas the start of this year, some are still to come to fruition, some have been started and not worked out, and some have been surprising new additions. I did say I wanted to do more self-portrait work, and I have been really into drag makeup recently so….who knows? 😉

How have things you set yourself in January changed or come to fruition? Let me know down below!


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