You may remember a few weeks ago I went on holiday to Dubrovnik, which I was looking forward to as I’d enjoyed Hvar so much, and honestly, a bit of sunshine really did me some good. Even though it was 3 days (feeling more like 5 as I had to get a train to Birmingham the days before and after) it was enough to explore the city and, as a guilty pleasure, watch a lot of Ru Paul by the sea.

I decided not to take my camera because it was such a short trip, but also I felt very in my head about work and a few days away was a good distraction – hey, iPhone’s still pretty good right? 😉 So here’s a bit of sunshine for your Friday as well as a few recommendations of things to do if you’re ever in town…

Where to stay:
Hotel Bellevue – located a 15 minute walk from the Old City, Hotel Bellevue is a 5* boutique which if you book ahead enough, you can get a really good deal. The views from every room are beautiful, and it also has a spa which does everything from manis to back correction, plus if you’re a fan of L’Occitane then the mini shower samples will do you good. I wouldn’t say it’s great for vegan options, but judging from my family the rest of the menu seems pretty delish – did I mention they also leave locally made chocolates on your table every night? Even if you didn’t eat it the night before? #haul

What to do:
A trip up the cable cars – one of the most visited attractions is the cable cars, which for 130 kuna round trip (around £15.50) gives you some of the most beautiful views of the coastline and city. Whilst you’re up at the top, you can pay to visit the War Memorial Museum, which for me was quite upsetting as it’s still so recent and there’s plenty of footage to bring home just how awful civil wars and war in general is, but it also helps with rebuilding and preserving the historic architecture too which is important.

Buggy safari – I’ll be honest now in that this is something I’d do again but as a passenger, merely because I almost crashed into a tree, not the best way to start a holiday I’ll admit. It was a mixture of never driving the other side of a car, nerves, and also that they didn’t really explain what we were doing during the session (i.e. a big ass obstacle course) and how to navigate a buggy differently to a car, but luckily it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. If you’re a more confident driver and have a knack for off-roading, then definitely book in for an hour and see the city from a new angle (and terrain). Also, don’t wear your nicest clothes and prepare to get a mouthful of dust, maybe bring a scarf and goggles, and some baby wipes to clean up after 😉

• Boat ride to Cavtat – if you fancy somewhere different for lunch, take a 45 minute trip across the sea and head to Cavtat. There are a few spots to eat (more below) and a chance to wander, so it’s 2 hours tops and enough explore without going too far to the other islands. You can buy tickets outside the city wall harbour, with some going direct and others making several stops, so you could make a real day of it!

Places to eat:
• Pizzeria Castro – the good thing about Croatia is that it’s very close to Italy, which means the pizza in town is extraordinary. After several hours walking and dune buggies, we were starved, and after walking past and getting a whiff of that fresh dough and tomato sauce, it was the perfect fuel. Their bruschetta is honestly exquisite and I had their most veggie filled pizza sans cheese, and good have happily eaten there again for dinner. SO. GOOD.

• Sladoledarna Ice-Cream – whilst Dolce Vita is ranked #1, we saw lines of people queueing for a scoop of ice-cream from this place. Luckily we went at a time when most people were eating dinner so it was quiet, and the range of flavours and taste was really good – perfect boost to walk back up the hill to bed 😉


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