It’s currently high 20’s in the UK and honestly, makeup is the last thing I want to be thinking about right now – I’ve currently got a dewy foundation on and I can feel it slipping already – however lately I’ve been looking through a lot of my beauty products and thinking ‘oh damn, I’m running out of favourites/don’t actually have a shade that matches me anymore’. Ever since I swapped to cruelty-free/vegan brands, I’ve slimmed down my collection so much, however there are still a chunk of products in drawers that I put away as ‘backups’ and not touched since.

So with supplies running low, here are a few things I’m hoping to get painting on my face again… (not I really wanted to do art beauty close-up shots of products on my face, but literally everything is melting and I have three large bumps under my skin which hate to be touched so that’s some real life for you there.)

1. Urban Decay NAKED Skin Concealer – this is probably my all-time favourite concealer, however I ended up switching it out for the Zoeva Concealer palette which had more colours and targeted correction over general concealing and brightening. It is a fab formula, a more blendable creamy texture than NARS but with great coverage (you could use it as foundation if you’re skin is feeling good) and honestly I don’t know why I don’t use it more – I have been watching a lot more Drag Race recently so maybe I’ll be get my highlight on…

2. Antipodes Mineral Powder Foundation – I had a really great skin month a while ago and started rocking light coverage foundation, but since it’s been needing more liquid coverage so this got put away for occasions I needed powdering on long days out with added coverage. I really love the light application with a hint of colour, I just need my skin to chill a bit please?

3. Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks – these were meant to be my ultimate ‘easy-to-rock’ eye look products, just scribble on some colour and boom, done! Over time though I’ve gone back to matte shades and powder formulas, but I did branch out and use Cocoa this morning as a ‘smokey eye base’ – turns out if you apply it off the back of your hand and smudge with a brush, it’s really nice to build up and even if you apply a lighter shimmer shade on top, it has lovely depth so will be pulling this one out more often!

4. NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick – I picked up three shades around January time and absolutely loved the range of shades and formula, however as the weather got warmer I naturally migrated to creamier and more neutral lipsticks with more hydration than a dry stain. I think if I get my lips in good prep first, I may be swayed back to a bold shade this summer or a nude lip for some classic Olsen-esque bronze Cali glow 😉

5. Urban Decay Naked Palette One – this was my first blog inspired purchase, the OG of beauty blogging was having this in your stash and for a while it was my go-to. Since, I’ve switch up the tones I like on my eye, swapped between bare lids and loads of blending, and generally trying to hone in on the good ethical brands. UD are cruelty free, so this has taken back seat to my Too-Faced palette which is also vegan, but I love the shades Half Baked and Toasted so maybe I’ll have to crack this old pal out again.

6. Illamasqua Gel Sculpt – After getting this in a goody bag, I went mad for sculpting and contouring. Even though this looked scary on, it did give that depth I wanted, however I think I found it too warm after summer and also worried about how hygenic it was to use on top of makeup, especially if I had spots there. Now the weather is back to ‘omg heat’ I may crack this out again (after giving it a wipe first) and get those cheekbones a’showing.

7. NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick – I love crazy colours, and even though I rarely wear them makeup wise, I still buy them. Case in point, this grey lippy; it’s not really that matte or long-lasting (the Suede range is more semi-matte with a creamy edge) so having grey teeth is kinda gross, but I love the dramatic vibe. Potentially more autumnal, I think under a berry it could add nice depth!

8. Inika BB Cream – I have started using this more so I guess the post is working! This shade is too dark for my everyday, but I’m mixing it in with my SPF/CC cream to lighten it and it does blend in quite well after having some sun. It does however make my skin super dewy so on hot days, it’s a melter, but I like the medium coverage and all vegan friendly, organic ingredients!

All these products are vegan and/or cruelty free, so if you’re looking for something new also, maybe give these a whirl! Now to tackle my skincare drawer *weeps as it’s 5x bigger*


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