I have so many thoughts in my head.

I don’t know whether to make this a post just talking about a top I’ve not shown before, or being sustainable and basically not buying clothes often (therefore running out of outfits quickly), or simply about getting out of your head.

It’s probably the latter, and I think it’s a mixture of thinking too much and keeping it all quiet.

I’m quite a quiet person, reserved, but also waiting to blossom like a flower (without sounding too corny) but I know I didn’t used to be like this.

I’m good at putting on confidence, but also good at averting direct eye-contact. I’m good at articulating an opinion or argument in my head, but not so good at putting it on twitter. Sometimes I think people say it better than me and just leave it at that, a RT if I feel like adding to conversation.

I’m good at riding the current at a paddle-pace, but not making any big splashes to create change. After talking to Kyle and Michaela at the Blogosphere Awards, I realised I could be doing a lot more and trying new things instead of staying still.

I’m good at thinking too much about my Instagram theme and not posting too many photos of other people in a row, when in fact it’s my work and I should be showing it off rather than carefully spreading it out.

I’m good at staying steady with my blog (including growth), not being social enough and grabbing attention. I find it hard sttill to email brands and ask to work with them because it feels ‘rude’ yet sit and stare for hours at my belongings not sure of what to conjure up for this week’s content.

I’ve been listening to Clean Bandit ft Marina and the Diamonds a lot this week. Not to be a biased Marina fan but the lyrics are spot on – needing to disconnect, to take a breath and shut it down.

There are lots of little things that wrap me up – small things like I shouldn’t be starting all my sentences with I, not being able to un-train myself from writing 1000 word essays and trying to get across what I want to say in 200-300 instead; posting too much of one person when I’m proud of the work, and the way I work in general sometimes.

I don’t share myself fully, I don’t question or talk, I keep myself to myself and at times that’s okay, but I’m not realising my best self as well as I could be.

I know it’s empty promises to say I’ll make a change straight away, I just need to practise more.

I just need to disconnect from my thought process, and I think all will be well.

Shirt – Bimba y Lola (sold out) | Bag – Matt and Nat | Jeans – BDG Mom Jeans via Urban Outfitters | Shoes – Matt and Nat


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