It’s been a while since I did a favourites in some form, and with it being a fresh week and all, why not drop some inspo in the beauty, fashion, and importantly Netflix category to get you pepped for another 7 days?


Two products giving my hair much needed life and lift are Bagsy x Savannah Miller Glamour Texture Spray* and got2be Fresh It Up Dry Shampoo* – I’ve had the Bagsy spray for a while now and at first I wasn’t sure how to use it, but have got it down as the perfect messy, subtle crunch, almost matted hairspray texture that makes curls look relaxed and toussled in that Kate Moss circa 2008 vibe, seriously loving it. Whilst it’s a bit much in my roots at the front, the got2be dry shampoo is weightless and residue free, keeping your roots looking natural and not overly ‘dried’ or powdery matte. This combo is a must for anyone who needs lift and grit to their locks, just don’t try to comb through the texture spray *big ouch*

I’ve used up my current full-size Ren Glycolactic Radience Renewal Mask quicker than ever before, and it’s a real great mask for taking off dead skin cells and dissolving sebum in pores. I leave this on 20 minutes and my skin is smoother, brighter, and generally renewed in ways I wish it would look every single day. I’ve not found an exfoliating acid as thorough as this one, and it’s not that harsh either so you can use it 2-3 times a week (especially if acne prone) and see a real difference – just remember SPF and intensive moisturiser afterwards!

Two moisturisers I’ve been switching between are the Trilogy Exfoliating Body Balm* and Argan+ Moroccan Body Butter* – the former can be used pre-shower to get circulation and dead skin moving, however I use it post shower to buff of dead skin when softened and moisturise at the same time (just give it an extra rough scrub) and those usual dry patches feel super soft. On days I want more moisture and something gentle, the Argan+ is a lovely summer smell that is almost mousse-like texture and melts down to hydrate all the layers of skin. I like it on my very dry areas, as it instantly softens them and holds moisture in for a long, long time.

A good reason to keep ankles and elbows moisturised is for tan prep, and this past week as seen me actually dip into the fake tan with great results for once – the Dr Organic Medium Tanning Mousse* is cruelty free and vegan, safe for body and face, and is so easy to use! I used two laetrs and did come out very glowy warm brown, but it still looked natural and after one wash the extra smell and colour toned down to a more natural glow. It lasts well, blends beautifully, and is nice and gentle on all aeas and skin types! 100% converted to fake tan now!


I’ve mentioned a few of these items in posts before so won’t repeat myself, but I’ve been loving my new Radley bag* – it’s a perfect pop of colour in a very blue wardrobe, is small enough for the essentials, and just fits everything perfectly. It’s that bag every girl needs for city trips to just running errands in town, plus it has a handy magnetised phone pocket at the front – genius.

Another pop of colour that does work with 99.9% of my wardrobe are these Matt and Nat heels; I posted about them here last week, and have worn them so much already. I picked up a pair in black also to wear to the Blogosphere awards, and they were super comfortable, a great height, and being vegan leather they’re great for animals and sustainability too. You’ll see me wearing these in all good weather scenarios from now on 😉

Lastly is a pair of shorts which are actually men’s boxers – I got these in Bath after thinking they were a cute cotton option for summer, but you wouldn’t even be able to tell they were boxers! I love the jazzy pattern, being light enough for the hottest of days, and are a good weight that you can wear them out in public, no questions asked 😉 except now everyone knows I’m wearing boxers into town, oops…


I have been on a huge RuPaul’s Drag Race hype for the last month, and finally watched the S9 finale on Netflix  yesterday – that wig snatch though! It took a while to get into at first, but now I’m obsessed, so obsessed I may skip starting House of Cards and re-watch from S4, and I love House of Cards. I’d say my fave queens have been Katya, Bianca, Adore, Sharon, Chad, and ofc Latrice, and can we discuss how incredible Read U Wrote U is?!

When I went to Croatia, I left my DSLR at home and opten for iPhone selfies and my Holga film camera which I’ve had since 2011. I’m yet to finish the roll but it was nice to think about fleeting snapshots and a more surprising element to photography again, just having to wait to re-live the memories weeks later rather than it being straight into your camera roll. Makes me want to do film and developing all over again!

And finally, another camera fave – my UV lens filter! I got this to help in bright situations where it’s basically a no-go photo zone, and it’s made my job a whole lot easier. Blocking out excess light, you can still get that depth of field on an over-exposed day by attaching one of these whilst it blocks out the light; an absolute saviour for any photographer.

Here’s to a fresh new Monday (and let’s not think about it being July this weekend, sobs at how fast time goes)


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