I was waiting around in M&S the other week before a shoot when I noticed ‘heck, M&S has some pretty banging pieces out right now!’ – I’m a huge fan of their pjs and undies (obvs), and they’ve definitely gone up a knotch in style points in recent years, with lots of friends and bloggers sporting key pieces over the last few seasons.

Saying that, I clocked a few items I loved the look of, spent a week thinking about them over and over again, and headed to my nearest big store to see if they had sizes.

And then I had an idea – why don’t I do a try-on session and talk through my impressions, what I’m looking for in an item, and importantly, whether they fit my 5’3″ frame. I’m going to give each item some pros and cons, so whether you’re looking for a key piece or want to know how an item fits a human IRL, hopefully this helps! Now, let’s go shopping…

The apple of my eye were these orange-red wide-leg high waisted trousers (that’s a mouthful) – not only on trend, they’re bright and versatile for spring/summer and you could rock them either at work or every day errands. Striped Wide Leg Trousers – £45

• True to size waist measurement – I’m an 8/26″in high waisted bottoms and these fitted perfectly
• Long and short length legs – added bonus for certain sizes (see cons)
• Pockets – need I say more?

• Serious camel toe – I don’t know how the inner thigh and crotch measurements were taken, but the areas around ‘there’ was very unforgiving for the size and doesn’t look that flattering tbh.
• No short leg in the 6-8 sizes – M&S sizing doesn’t provide short leg options for smaller sizes, which means these will drag and even from trying them on with minimal moving of my feet, I had trample creases. You could pay to have them altered, but at £45 you expect something that comes fitting.
• Fabric – not light and breezy, so as it gets into the warmer months you wouldn’t want to get caught in a sweat wearing these. Also, the material isn’t susainable, cotton, or organic, so personally doesn’t feel good for a long-term investment.

I adore the overall style and colour, but tight crotch just isn’t the one, and a size 10 short is a huge difference in waist size, so unless you’re tall and a bit less hippy, these probs aren’t the trews for you *weeps*

On reflection of these pics, this fab puffed sleeved tee actually looks pretty decent on me – even though at the time it felt like I was Mr Puft from Ghostbusters. If you’re less about the bell sleeves and want something frilly and fun for spring, this is a fab option! Pure Cotton Flared Sleeve T-Shirt – £25

• Made with sustainable cotton – does good for the Earth and feels super soft too which I love, winner winner all round!
• On trend – classic white tee crossed with everyone’s love of sleeves, you can’t beat an updated basic.

• Finding the confidence to rock big sleeves – woman up Lauren and own the sleeves!

This is a very basic yet chic tee, and I do really love the sleeves, I just need to confidence and equally bold trousers to wear it – and the warm weather to go sans jacket because there’s no way those frills will fit an arm hole!

Continuing the theme of bright coloured trousers, I spotted these pink culottes to compare with another pair I tried later. Before I jump into pros and cons, I have to give bonus points for an elasticated waist – roast dinner potential score. Pink Back Pocket Cropped Culottes – £22.50

• Affordable – cheaper than both the other pairs I tried on, so a more on budget option that is equally on trend.
• Great leg length – even though I’m petite, you can still see my ankles – huzzah!
• True to size – even though I tried on a 10, the waistband is forgiving and even a size up sat well on my waist and hips.

• Material – it definitely feels cheaper than the other pairs I tried, and wouldn’t be as breathable in summer as cotton nor is made from sustainable fabrics. Whilst the pros outweigh, I would rather spend a little more for better material.

I’m a bit on the fence with these, as the fit and price are great but they just don’t look fancy up close – from the feel and touch of the trouser, I don’t feel as impressed overall with them, which is sad given the waist and colour. MUCH better crotch sizing however 😉

Ahhh another tee, just what someone with already 5 t-shirts in varieties for white needs. Embroidery is ~very in~ atm so I beelined for this beauty (which also comes in grey) without hestistation! Pure Cotton Embroidered T-shirt – £19.50

• Fabric – made from sustainable cotton, very soft and breathable!
• Sizing – true to size, and you could go up or down a size and it would still fit nicely.
• Price – affordable for the type of material it is
• Design – spring/summer ready, the colours would go with almost any trouser/skirt combo, an easy to style piece.

• Embroidery – whilst very trendy, it can feel quite ‘young’ and also a bit in the moment, plus do I need another white tee? Debatable.

I can’t fault this tee, it’s a fab all-rounder with material sourcing and fit, I just feel it wouldn’t have a unique space in my wardrobe that’s held by another item already. If I can stop visualising myself wearing it with mom jeans to sunday brunch, I may be able to get over not purchasing it.

The final piece I had heart eyes for were these more expensive pink trews, and to be honest, these were the one. Pink Cropped Wide Leg Trousers – £45

• Material – felt much better quality than the cheaper pink pair, and although not sustainable, the added viscose makes a huge difference. They also look more work/evening appropriate so take the style level up a knotch.
• Leg length – again, they have short and long lengths in sizes 10 and up, but the 8 was a great fit waist wise and hit above the ankle on me which is greatly appreciated 😉
• Good waist size – true to your jeans measurements, so very comfortable on the waist and hips.

• Price – at £45, these are a more expensive option, but you can feel it in the material and cost per wear over the season would make it worth it as a staple colour piece in your wardrobe (just talking myself into them a bit more yanno)

These honestly felt so nice on, from the fabric to the cut and how they looked styled with different tees (M&S’ and my own from the day) If I could’ve picked up anything from this try-on session, it would absolutely have been these – a true unique piece in my wardrobe and a stand-out bold summer must!

I’d say my favourite items from the 5 were the last pink trousers and t-shirts, although I think I have many casual options so would try and brave the sleeves a bit more. I didn’t pick them up on the day but am seriosuly considering going back for (or ordering) the pink trousers, I just wish the first orange pair had better sizing in legs and crotch *sobs*

Overall, M&S have some cracking items in and even though I didn’t feature some, there were some pieces I thought were very high quality and fashionable that you should have a scour through yourself if you get chance – lots of pretty cold-shoulder tops and dresses to fawn over 😉

I hope you liked this little impromtu, iPhone-quality level style of post, and who knows, maybe I’ll do some more in the future – let me know if you need this petite gal to do some shopping for you!


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