I’ve found my balance in life has shifted slightly over the last few months, with blog inspiration and posting slowing down as my photography work picks up; I am grateful however, and rather enjoying a slower pace across the board that has given me time to see people, go places, work on new things and not push my brain further than it’s able to go with creating when it wants to rest.

Speaking of rest, I’m about to embark a bit of travel and get some sunshine which is rather exciting (and great for my cold feet which are finally getting some warmth!) and will give me a better chance to give brain chatter a rest and find new inspiration, all whilst enjoying new culture and down-time – plus hopefully some ice-cream 😉

I do find travel and food a bit daunting sometimes when having a vegan diet, researching restaurants beforehand to make sure there is something substantial to eat – having bread and pizza twice a day for three days does get a bit much sometimes – which is why I’m always looking (both on holiday and when working at home) for snacks that are healthy and vegan friendly!

Thankfully this is where a yummy new snack comes in from Yushoi, a brand I’ll be working with regularly over the next year to share the message of balance and healthy eating, enjoying food that’s equally nutritious and delicious – because who says snacking can’t taste great and be healthy too?! The warmer weather always makes me opt for lighter foods through the day, and Yushoi snacks are perfect as they’re lightly baked without MSG or artificial flavours, plus being made with green peas means they’re packed with protein to keep you going until dinner!

A flavour I’ve been loving recently is Sweet Chilli and Lemon, a little hint of spice to go alongside the Japanese inspiration for the snacks, and for a day outside in the sunshine when you want to relax or keep hunger at day when exploring, they really do satisfy and fill you up – whether it’s a mini multipack in a variety of flavours including Soy and Balsamic and Lightly Salted to keep in your bag whilst discovering a new city, or a larger pack to enjoy at a picnic or through the day when working, it’s a great light and healthy option to keep your diet balanced and healthy through the summer months.

With all this in mind, I’ve been thinking about how I can maintain balance over the next few months, to keep work fresh and my mind inspired, and wanted to finish today’s post with a little inspiration for you – even if it’s to come up with your own ways to stay balanced and mindful:

• Keep up a regular sleep schedule – I’m aiming to wake up earlier with lighter mornings and sunshine, but also in getting a decent 8 hours of deep sleep, so that means…
• Stay off my phone an hour before bed – I got into such a good routine of having my phone off for at least 30 minutes before sleep, but I’ve slipped recently and seeing a screen before sleep really does keep my brain active longer *slapped wrists*
• Try more varied meals and food – I noticed I’ve been having the same or similar meals for a long time now, so with new seasonal food coming in, I’m going to try and experiment more, and also try making my own houmous!
• Keep up the flossing! – I recently went to the dentist after a long time in-between, and needless to say, I gotta floss more. So far, it’s going well, I just need to stop leaving it to the last minute when I’m half-asleep on the pillow 😉
• Have regular breaks – whether it’s through the day when working from home, or having days with friends to go visit new places and take pictures, a change of scenery really helps invigorate the mind and give it space to expand in so many ways.

We’re all looking for more balance in our daily lives and sometimes it takes time – I’m hopefully going to pick up a lot of inspiration on my travels this week and give my mind a rest in the meantime, allowing all that creativity to come back in big waves! So whether it’s heating healthier snacks such as Yushoi or making more home-cooked meals, or taking more time out for yourself in the evening and having more social time at the weekends, keeping the steady balance of being active and having rest whilst keeping your mind and body happy and healthy is always possible, and always fitting to what you need best right here, right now.

This post is part of a sponsorship programme in collaboration with Yushoi – www.yushoi.co.uk

All views are my own as is my love of healthy snacks! Yushoi is available at all leading supermarkets and health stores.


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