I’ve always loved injecting patterns and colour into my wardrobe, ever since I got a matching camo twin set of cargo trousers and tee aged 10 (all the rage in the early 00’s). This only developed further when studying art and now I feel I’ve got the right balance with clashing patterns together whilst staying somewhat stylish – my fave is a stripe breton tee with floral bomber and plain jeans, you always need one plain element!
Before I divert off I wanted to share these colourful (or should I say, colour-full) outfit shots I did with Ghenet last weekend; we hot-footed it to Hackney with the promise of colourful walls, Instagramable coffee, and a bit of exploring which I can never turn down when it comes to getting outside of my Soho comfort zone 😉

I’ve been ~trying~ to buy more sustainable clothing, anything made from natural/organic/recycled materials and that is good for the environment and have to admit it’s been a lot of long research and careful scouring to find something that ticks the box of both stylish and sustainable. I did however find a few bits in TK Maxx which is an absolute score as it meant it was also discounted so big thumbs up there!

Said bits include this cold-shoulder linen blouse, which is my way of jumping on the bandwagon of cold shoulder and gypsy tops whilst still being able to wear a bra (essential). Because British weather keeps changing, with one minute great for tees and the next having me reach for thermals, it’s been a bit of a blessing to wear something that keeps my arms warm(ish) but I can also layer easily plus score some style points.

But let’s discuss this coat – I’ve had this Anthropologie beauty for over a year now and it was love when I laid eyes on it; jazzy pattern, right colour scheme to match things in my wardrobe, nice weight and length for spring, and it’s patterned, or did I mention that already? My mum rolled her eyes at it and said I’d never wear it, but a bit of dolla dropped later and several wears later, we both know this is the one when it comes to spring and dressing up simple jeans and white tees. It also clashes with the mural, which I kinda love.

I’ve also been trying to re-work some old bits in my wardrobe, and ended up cutting the ends off my Calvin Klein skinny jeans, which is great because NO BUNCHING on my ankles, but that mid-rise on my hips is not the one, so I’m considering a belt for the rare occasion I drop the mom jeans so I don’t have to spend the day hoisting my jeans up my lady bits to stay put. TMI?

Also, I spent all weekend editing these photos becuase I’m obsessed and love them (thank you again Ghenet) and BTS note, she got me to laugh A LOT by saying ‘I wish someone would look at me the way Lauren looks at her purse’. Real belly laughs from that one.

So what else is new?

Since having my Treat Yo’ Self week I have been aiming to pin down friends and meetups more often, even throwing my old rule of ‘no London on weekends’ out the window so I can actually see people. I think self-employed life makes me forget that not everyone has time and if I can arrange myself better then a few Saturday in the Big Smoke are 100% more worth it, especially since my photography workshops are getting closer and closer to being confirmed – eek so exciting! I’m going to scout a location this week, and fingers crossed it all being well and good, there may be some masterclasses coming your way…

I was going to spend this post apologising for a delay on uploads and discussing balance and regrets on balance, but really, I just want to share a lot of photos I’m happy with and little words that help me get something across. Because regardless of slow slew of uploads and having my own standards on uploads and content, I’ve being having a colourful time with people who I don’t get to see often and do things I’ve wanted to do on the regular;

I went for a grown-up (ish) dinner with Natasha, Jaye, and Katy, who I also met up with on Saturday to eat vegan ice-cream, drink tea, talk Instagram and also take too many photos of her by a red phonebox. Ooops, but it’s these little interactions and meetings that honestly bring colour to my life, so I feel as colourful as my clothes for once.

Now I’ma wrap this up before I ramble any more, and hope you all have a colour-full week too!


Photos by Ghenet <3

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