For 15 years I lived an hour or so from Bath, and only ended up visiting once which seems madness, but that’s the thing when you live in an area, you always get stuck going to the same places and don’t think to try somewhere new unless it’s basically the opposite end of the country (i.e. lots of coach trips to London)

Well I guess now the tables have turned, as last week I hopped on a v. long train to get to know Bath again. It took 3 hours there and back, but it was hella worth it for the sunshine, exploring, and also some amazing vegan food (which I’ll be writing about later this week!).

I wasn’t sure if 6 hours would be enough to pack it all in, but we managed to visit quite a few spots and have a quick scout of the town, enough to know whether we’d come back for an overnight trip later in the summer (the answer is yes, yes I will!)

There were quite a few independent stores that caught my eye, from Hay’s standalone shop which had some beautiful Scandi homewares to the beautiful blue inspired fabrics and crockery at Indigo and Will’s – yes I got a blue mug and blue bag for life, but it was fancy af and made from linen.

In terms of fashion, there were some lovely stores with independent or hard to find brands including Boho Fashion and Bibico which stocked organic and sustainable pieces too, alongside the usual high-street faves of Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. Granted I walked away empty handed in the fashion department but it was fab to find so many lovely independent and unique pieces alongside the regular faves.

This may technically be food, but aside from bread it was a bit limited in the vegan department however that shouldn’t put you off because damn the bread was good (and the pastries looked incredible too). We came across The Bertinet Bakery in a magazine the nght before which was a spooky coincidence, but it’s tucked away further up the town in a side street and is the perfect source for a morning baguette and some seriously cheesy Croque-monsieur. They also have a stand-alone kitchen store where they host workshops, so if you’re in Bath for a few days, definitely go make your own bread!

Of course, no visit to Bath is complete without a trip to Royal Crescent, which was literally crawling with sun-worshippers looking for a patch of grass to rest and tan on. Looking at the buildings though was a lovely reminder of the Cotswold stone we’d been missing, you don’t get places like this near London and it felt almost calming on the eye – it’s also great for a few outfit pictures, but I won’t lie, it was so hot I was done and melting after 5 minutes trying to pose without squinting too much!

A few extra places to visit

Article – for home and plant lovers

Found – for independent fashion and home pieces (purely coming back to visit here!)

Grace and Ted – for people looking for pre-owned designer finds

The Fig Store – for home and interior lovers looking for one-off pieces

Bath, it was short and sweet, but it was the perfect sunny escape – I’ll be back soon!


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