Happy Monday all! I’ve spent most of this weekend Spring cleaning and watching many many episodes of Parks and Recreation – I’m currently waiting for Ben and Leslie to get together, it’s torture. In the meantime, I’ve been testing a couple of new foundations in light of switching to cruelty free and have found some awesome products. Roll up your sleeves and get ready for five fab foundations that look natural and are good all-round!

My most recent addition is the Antipodes Mineral Foundation, a more vegetarian-friendly option and the most mineral coverage of the five. I’ve been mixing between Pale Pink and Light Yellow, the pink being more neutral than expected, but it really does give off a nice even complexion without being too much. I will admit it takes a while to build up enough coverage, meaning you can look a bit powdery, but in the summer or when your skin is feeling clear, it’s the perfect option.

If you’ve got dry to combination skin, I’d recommend a hydrating primer to keep it intact longer, and also exfoliating regularly as the foundation may grab to dry patches. In terms of oily skin, I’d say it may not stick perfectly, but in my experience hasn’t gathered or caked after a number of hours – just for consideration 😉 It also has SPF 15, which is pretty fab timing for the warmer weather coming in.

Probably my favourite find has been the Pür CC Cream, again very lightweight but a step up in coverage; it also includes SPF 40 that keeps you protect all day long and does smell a little bit strong of suncream (which can remind you of holidays and summertime) but fades quickly and perks up the skin evenly, the coverage being just enough for day-to-day or holidays (actually surprisingly good coverage, I’m very impressed considering it’s a CC cream). I usually mix it with Oxygentetix (more down below) for a bit more coverage on the cheeks, but with my skin being clearer and a bit oilier/balmy because of the heat it is definitely a good all-rounder that sticks to the skin evenly and hydrates without any concerns or melting as the hours tick by – score!

Also from Pür is their 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Powder which contains skincare benefits and again has SPF 15. It’s aimed at being foundation, concealer and powder all in one, and does have a surprisingly good amount of coverage (I’d say that redness may in partiuclar be hard to cover, but it gives everything a natural vibe that I love to rock on errand days). Both Pür options are cruelty free and vegan friendly, plus there is a great shade range (they look lighter than they actually are, so double check shades!)

Combining coverage and semi-dewy hydration is Inika BB Cream Foundation – I’ve tried their full foundation before and didn’t find it blended easily, this however is much better in both coverage and blendability. Inika is certified organic, vegan-friendly, halal and all the other good stuff, and whilst my current shade is a bit more summer friendly, I’ve mixed it in with the Pür CC cream and it applies so so well!

Finally, if coverage and acne is an issue, I have to recommend the cruelty free Oxygenetix Acne Foundation – it’s breathable and lightweight, yet has high-coverage to conceal anything. In terms of redness and blemishes I’ve had, it’s really made a huge difference and despite being pretty pricey, it gives you a big boost of confidence. Whether your skin is dry or oily, it balances the skin and looks just as good hours later as when you first applied it.

I’ll admit this has taken me a while to write because omg Leslie and Ben are getting together finally, so I’m going to wrap this one up and go watch Ron Swanson get as excited as me at a breakfats buffet – laters! x

All products sent c/o of their brands for review purposes only and are not sponsored, but all love and views my own!

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