I have a confession to make – I’m addicted to waffles. And not just any waffles, simply these waffles in the photo above (and in also around another 8 photos in this post). Can you blame me though, don’t they look delicious?! I’m roughly having a plate of these once or twice a week now since discovering a new delicious cafe a few towns away from me…

It’s called The Juice Smith, and we stumbled across it by accident the day before my birthday. It was quite a treat to find a fully plant-based vegan cafe so close by, and with a quick scout of the menu I headed in prepared to order half the menu – I restrained first time, however I’ve been in several times since and can report the range of food is amazing!

The Juice Smith make their own juices and smoothies in house, all organic and super fresh – my favourites are Golden Bomb and California Sun, very zingy but taste like summer, perfect alongside any meal option 😉 There’s also an interesting looking Coco Loco but seeing as I always have waffles, I’ve not tasted it yet seeing as chocolate overload is something I do easily, but I’ve got my eye on it to taste next time…

As well as juices, there are healthy breakfast options, brunch picks, salads, cakes, and even burgers to pick from, so there really is something for every mood and tastebud. I’ve slowly worked through the menu, however the Avocado toast with Roast Tomatoes and Poppy Seeds and Mushroom Toast with Spinach and Tomato are favourites, and the TJS Cheese Burger is nice and meaty in texture with a flavoursome sauce for contrast. There’s also a Burrito Wrap, Pesto Pasta, Mac ‘n’ Cheese, and a yummy sounding Protein Burger *drools*.

Just how delicious and hearty and all-round yum does that mushroom toast look? I could eat a slice now…

The real star however?

The Raw Cacao Nutella and Banana Waffles. I cannot even begin to describe how good they are – since going vegan I’ve found puddings difficult – even since Midlred’s got rid of their famous brownie I’ve been missing something chocolate and gooey, and these are fantastic (and hopefully not going anywhere, please?)

The Juice Smith has a wide range of puddings and sweet treats – they offer custom made occassion cakes for birthdays and parties, plus takeaway snacks and treats such as Avocado Mousse, Chocolate Orange protein slices, and then there are the CAKES! Fererro Rocher Cake (the perfect balance of chocolate and sweet and nutty, omg) Bounty Cake, Jaffa Cake Cake – as in a huge Jaffa Cake you can slice up, it’s been a rare sighting but it looks hella delish.

But as I said, it’s the waffles that have my heart – there are several topping including Coconut Bacon, Goji Berries, and Maple Syrup, but it’s this classic combo that has me hooked; the raw homemade nutella is honestly better than the real thing – sorry not sorry – and isn’t too chocolatey that you feel ill quick but not overly sweet that you’ll feel sick, it’s spot on in the middle, and is good for you too! Bonus!

How many photos of waffles is too many? Okay, once more…

If you’re ever in the area, I highly suggest you visit – or if you’re lucky and are my pal, I’ll probably end up taking you myself if popping over 😉

Whether you’re vegan, plant-based, health concious, or simply want to try somewhere new, The Juice Smith is one of my new favourites that I’m so glad to have found – just don’t all go at once because I still need my weekly waffle fix *starts dreaming of the next batch now*


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