Last week I treated myself to a ‘Treat Yo Self’ week. It was dubbed so because I’d literally been watching Parks and Rec for almost two weeks straight and finally finished it on Monday in a flood of tears whilst eating a salad. Hashtag relatable.

Like Leslie, I really like my work, and when it’s going great I can do work all the time and feel completely fine. But recently I started to feel disconnected and dissatisfied, and was wondering where that feeling of community and collaboration I’d sensed at the start of the year had gone? – is this a weird new version of ‘cliques’? Have we all gone into panic mode and retreated in again? Is Mercury in bloody retrograde again and having the lols on the self-employed? Who knows, but I knew I was reaching The Point again and far too quickly, so instead of scraping the barrel of content with literally nothing to go on, I chose to Treat Yo Self.

No work, no blogging, no using my free time to plan and shoot and write, no going to places for work things, just doing fun stuff I don’t do very often.

It was bloody glorious.

I started the week obviously finishing up the last season of Parks and Rec (Leslie and Ron not being pals, my heart broke) and then tried being assertive, which was a Being 23 goal of mine.

Then I reached out to people asking to meet up, made a big list of things I wanted and would like to do, started turning the internet off at 9pm until 9am and went where the week took me.

On Tuesday Charlotte came to visit me after it being nearly 2 YEARS since seeing each other irl which is mad but seemingly the way in ‘the industry’ – we caught up on life, I took her to a vegan cafe where we REALLY treated ourselves to juices, avocado toast and vegan-nutella waffles (all about the ‘zerts and tray-trays) it again was glorious.

The day ended with us kneeling on my floor with me having a blog crisis with legit no ideas and giving Charlotte loads, but it did kick start little cogs in my brain, which was enough for the day, and also the promise of going to her studio to help on a video which I’m SO excited about.

Also, I just got really distracted by Buzzfeed quizzes on Parks and Rec – I’m 50% April + 50% Andy, and got 9/10 correct on Guess Who Said This Quote. Well done Lauren, not focus.

Something I don’t usually do is go into London for fun – there’s always some form of work, I’m taking my camera, and I’m trying to get here and there and back home before the trains get delayed and full. After reaching out, I arranged to meet up with Michaela who’s also a photographer and it was fab to talk to someone who understood exactly what you did and that side of work – we even promised to plan a film photography day, which again, HYPED.

Finally I nailed down time with Ghenet and joined her and Kristabel on a Wisteria Walk around Chelsea and South Kensington. NGL, Ghenet was prepared as heck for this walk, with pins dropped on all the locations she’d spotted wisteria in. It was beautiful seeing all the houses crawling in purple flowers, the perfect fun opportunity to do some photography and also work my legs because man I forgot how easy it is to walk 10K on a day in London!

I think was I really enjoyed most about the week was seeing people in the non-work capacity, and also not talking about blogging; it was nice to talk about life, about personal subjects, to connect on levels other than the things that connect us at a work level and more at a base level. It made me feel easier about asking to have my photo taken, to have date with friends, and if anything, I’ve actually ended up with more social dates and work because of my week off, which is kinda fab.

With that being said, I am back, not fully planend ahead back and ready to tackle 3 or 4 platforms at once back, but back with enough new perspective and energy to blog in a better and fun way. As Leslie Knope once said ‘we have to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, and work. Or waffles, friends, work. But work has to come third.’ and even if work is third, it’s work I’m going to damn enjoy doing.


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