It’s taken me a while to find the right products for my hair – not too drying, not too heavy on the ends, and only has me washing it twice a week (it’s better for the scalp and oils this way). The problem is that my hair can’t stand excess product – it drags it down, makes my scalp itchy and frankly causes one end to be greasy yet itchy and the ends clumpy yet frizzy. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?
After reading up on Sulphate free shampoos more, I coincidently met Noughty Haircare at the Blogosphere Magazine launch who had an area showcasing their products and brand ethos – cruelty free and vegan friendly haircare for everything from damaged ends to wavy hair and dandruff. It was great to listen to their message and smell the products (all delightful and fresh) and even better, an affordable price tag (£6.99 for everything!)

I went home with a little sample but wanted something that was really going to work on eveyr hair concern – an itchy scalp that became oily fast, dry lifeless ends with no shape, and wanting it to feel clean and bouncy whilst having a good shine. A lot to ask it may seem, but in fact, they’ve delivered.

The team recommended I use Care Taker shampoo with Wave Hello conditioner to start rebalancing my hair, and I cannot tell you how excited I was to wash my hair – the shampoo looks like jelly when it comes out, yet a small amount works effortlessly through the scalp and cleans all over without stripping or giving it that ‘squeaky’ feel; I’ll admit on the first wash, I had to use a lot more product to only what I can describe as working through 5 layers of old product and damage to get to the root (pun intended) of the problem. A month later, and my hair feels and looks amazing – my scalp is clearer, calmer and ‘lighter’ if you can imagine, a more natural bounce at the root instead of layers of spray holding it there, and my hair actually has a wave guys – it’s incred, it’s nice and soft and natural but it’s more body than Beyonce. Maybe. But it’s darn enough for me!

In regards to the other products, I’m yet to try the Care Taker conditioner but can imagine after a holiday/day in the sea it will really clean your hair in a gentle yet thorough swoop, and the Wave Hello shampoo is quite hydrating and nourishes the ends a little more so if you need an extra boost on the ends, give your locks a second wash with this before conditioning 😉

This is truly a classic case of falling for the naughty bad boy, or should I say, NOUGHTY 😉 But this really is a true hair love and if you’re looking to head into the weekend with a lil’swish of healthy locks, then you might want to try something a little bit noughty….

These products were sent for review purposes only c/o Noughty Haircare, this is not sponsored and all views and love of hair are my own!


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