I had the brainwave of writing a post on periods whilst on my period, thinking ‘wow everyone will think this is fantastic!’ Alas now I’m less hormonal and looking back at my notes I’m thinking I was probably being a bit too TMI with my ideas.

But alas, we all have periods, and we all still find it slightly awk to actually say ‘I’m on my period’ and just need to lie down for a day or two or madly clean like I end up doing.

It’s taken me years to understand the rhythm of my cycle and what I need, even to make it regular, and I thought I’d share a few things that help me get through the before, during, and after of each visit from Auntie Flow (lol)


• Prep some sweet snacks – I don’t eat a lot of sugar, but once those chemicals start a mixing all I can think of is 6 squares of dark chocolate to soothe me. Rather than that, I like to bake something yummy such as my Vegan Cookies which are super chewy yet chunky – like me – as it gives that sugar spike I need in my energy to get through those cramps. 

• Actually check you have enough or the right towels. It’s the worst when you’ve only got thin lite ones and end up changing every hour. Nooooooo.

• Take some milk thistle – milk thistle is great for detoxing and helps gives your liver an extra hand at removing any excess hormones that may lead to breakouts and yellowing in your skin. 

• Check your skin – my skin usually breaks out before my period starts so note your due date and up your skincare routine a little – maybe extra masks, buying some drying lotion (this one is ace) and just.don’t.touch.it (I tell myself this every time. Just do a mask! Or go to the dermatologist!)


• Kill the pain – I wasn’t allowed to use painkillers for years but the amount of cramp I get every other month when I have my more OUCH CHRIST WHY cycle requires some high dosage. Have a pack with you at all times and keep an eye on the time so you can ease on through that first day.

• Massage your back – nearly every period I get comes with the knot of tension and lymph in my lower back adjacent to my ovaries which is bloody killer. A therapist told me this is common and a symptom of periods due to all the detoxing, so spend some time wiggling it away with your knuckles (I usually lie on my fist and gently move it, painful but it releases all that tension!)

• Listen to what your brain (and limbs tell you) – usually on the first day I’m torn between sitting down and moving my thighs as much as I can because for some reason that’s where all the excess energy goes. Moving and exercise is great to relieve pain, but I don’t have that much energy or iron to keep me bouncing. Cleaning my room and office is enough, and then I need you to leave me for two hours watching Parks and Rec until feeding time. Speaking of…

• Carbalicious – carbs don’t count on your period, or, really they do (well for me anyway) I want jacket potato, red dragon pie, vegan sausages and mash with peas, HECK I’ll take a roast!! Fill your belly and check your energy and don’t feel one bit sorry.

• Wear your nicest period knickers – yeah you could wear that tatty old red pair but hey be sensible and stylish with a simple black lace pair *insert sassy lady emoji* Yes I really do think long and hard about practicality and style of pants daily.

• Go to bed early – periods can be draining (literally) but they make you feel tired as heck so even 30 minutes earlier at least will feel marvellous. I like 10 hours. 10 hours is good.


Now get back on the exercise – you’ve got nothing to excuse you now (literally, I always use this excuse), so whip out that sports bra and down the water to get those feel good endorphins back. WOOOOO!

• Revel in the fact you can wear tight/non bloat-constricting clothes again – comfy pjs I love you but I want to wear my skinnies again kthankss.

• Treat yo self – whether it’s fresh bedding, a bath, or a full blow treat yo self moment like Parks and Rec, give yo self a little boost before the months starts counting down again – oh joy…

How do you soothe and sail through your period? And have you any recommended places to donate spare sanitary products for charity?!


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