I’ve gotten in a bad habit lately of writing posts the night before they’re supposed to go out; it’s not me and it’s not something I want to continue but March was a pretty busy-ass month – I was in London nearly every weekend, I hosted my first mini workshop, did many photoshoots and days sat in editing, and it was also my birthday! March is always a fast paced one, so I wanted to catch up a bit, maybe do a Monthly Goals with a mix of favourites – I mean, it has been a while…

• Hosting my first mini workshop

I’ve rattled on for ages now about hosting my own masterclass of such, and I finally had my butt kicked into gear for Scarlett’s #BlogConLDN event. I talked about manual photography for 20 minutes and spent a further 30 answering questions and tinkering with cameras – it was heaven. I’ve got another one coming up this weekend for Blogosphere but I’m spending this week putting together an outline for a soft launch of my first fully fleshed workshop! It’s scary and exciting, but I’m hoping to host one or two a month to start and see where it goes from there – eek!

• Turning 23

I had a quiet birthday, it was possibly the first year I felt that adult sensation of not needing anything really, just wanting to enjoy those few little things I don’t get to do often. No stress, nothing over-the-top, just me, two mini pots of Booja Booja ice-cream, a movie, and a few experience presents I seriously have to get booked in – Harry Potter Studios and Bread Baking class here I come!

• Exploring new places

You know the vultures in Jungle Book? They are me on a day off deciding what to do, however in the last few weeks I’ve ventured further out and found some lush new places to visit again in hotter weather (and also eat at because that is the ultimate priority) – I did find a new vegan cafe and juice bar nearby which is an absolute score so hopefully expect a post soon (they had vegan Ferrero Rocher cake, I mean, come on.)

• What happened to YouTube?!

Ahhh yess, so far this year I’ve made two videos. Honestly I don’t know what happened, but I’m not punching the air at the moment to film myself and come up for more video content whilst my brain is trying to rack blog posts too. Hopefully I’ll get back into it soon, after a few creative conversations with myself and others, but for now I am in slumber, keep watching those vitals.

And now, a few favourites I have collated over the last month and a half (because as I said, YouTube is gathering dust):

• Parks and Recreation – I started watching Series 1 when I got an Amazon trial a few months ago, but with another trial on the go, I decided to dive right in. It’s been about 4 days and I’m near the end of Series 4. I am into it. I’d like to think I’m a mix of Ron and Leslie, especially the fact they both love breakfast – the best!

• Blogosphere Magazine Feature – I’ve done a whole post here, but OHMYGOD still. I’m so so happy about it, and can’t wait to see what else it brings.

• Cruelty free/vegan makeup – I had really great skin over the last month (although my period post seems to have jinxed it a little this week, ew) so finally picked up some products to keep my skin looking and feeling good. my favourites are the Too Faced Natural Matte Palette, Pür CC Cream, Inika Baked Bronzer and Tata Harper Volumising Lip + Cheek Tint in Very Popular.

• Beauty and the Beast – I saw the movie the day it came out as an early present and omgomgomgomg. I feel I need to see it again as there were little moments I feel passed too quick and were very cute. Regardless, I cried at the opening titles. Nostalgia is real.

• Peter Kay’s Car Share Series 2 – I went to an early screening of the first two episodes, and there is a cracking YouTube remix in Episode 1 that had everyone cackling; as we saw it in a cinema it was great to get caught up in everyone’s laughter, amazing delivery and acting by both.

• SO MUCH MUSIC – Drake Passionfruit, Lorde’s new drops, I’m also really into Nicki Minaj at the moment (‘We ship platinum, these b*tches be shipping wood’) Spotify be poppin’.

• Broadchurch – there’s a reason I like boxsets; WHO DID IT I NEED TO KNOW NOW.

• Spring cleaning – I swapped all my socks over, got rid of unworn clothes over winter, and started a wishlist the size of my arm for new pieces. I’m trying to buy sustainable/organic/eco pieces, so if you know any hit me up! I’m yet to actually clean all the tops of my drawers so, wish me luck…

• Salad, all day e’ryday – my personal fave is rocket with pear, large vine tomatoes, a bit of avocado, sprinkled with black pepper, oil, balsamic glaze and fresh basil. Omg I’m so hungry now.

I want to take a moment as well to mention these plants – I’m not one for gardening tbh, but our house/garden has always been a jungle with the amount of plants my mum has and for Mother’s Day she asked me to photograph them above, and I do really enjoy photographing nature (even though I’m sure I’ll forget about a plant as soon as I get it, hence the faux versions in my office) but how good at styling was she? She’s after my job.

Well that’s all for this fine Wednesday, have a fab rest of the week and see you back here on Friday – I’m off to finish my v. long to-do list, obviously with Parks and Rec playing in the background (treat yo’self)


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