By someone that hasn’t always felt that way.

Sometimes you have many thoughts on a topic that you end up writing a huge ass essay that repeats itself and becomes a little self-depreciating no matter how hard you try, and this was one of them. I kinda liked how it was going, but really, there were only a few things that I wanted to chat about today, one of them being mainly fashion, and another about Instagram. They’re kinda linked, I promise.
Dipping back into outfit posts has been a bit of an eye-opener for me, and honestly I’m really enjoying it; I bought a lot of clothes last year that I liked wearing yet were never showcased on the interent because I was very anti-fashion for a few years, and also I think I lost confidence being in front of the camera and built up the idea that I needed to be in-front and behind the scenes to get something Instagram worthy.

It’s all too much stress and worry. I do still sometimes wonder why my face doesn’t look like I pictured in my head, but I’m working on it – or maybe I should have facial posing lessons, that should be a thing if it isn’t, would be gold for bloggers.

Speaking of another thing that would be gold for bloggers and also cause less stress and worry is Instagram.

You know, that platform we all used to love? Sigh.

I’m glad everything was addressed in the open last week, even if it could have been done better, because this is a platform I love and is especially key to my line of work – I’m a visual person, my job is to photograph for myself and others beautiful visual delights for people to enjoy, and I also really like seeing what other people are doing/getting fashion inspo.

My main thought though was the other day when Instagram went down for a few hours and I had no clue, didn’t check Twitter, and proceeded to freak out when my post had only gathered 39 likes in an hour.

I then freaked out because I actually felt sick, embarrassed and a teeny bit worthless.

It quickly diminished though, because the part of my brain that likes internal discussion jumped in like ‘why is it a big deal? Why are you, and others, measuring yourself in so much detail?’.

Granted, I reposted the photo and it had 1 like for 5 minutes *voms*, but then I realised it was right; why do we have to stir ourselves silly over an app and feel crap about engagement or likes when we just posting what we know is a banging good photo? I FELT GREAT IN THAT SPACE SHIRT AND EVEN IF INSTAGRAM SAYS OTHERWISE, I KNOW THOSE WERE SOME FAB PHOTOS OF MY LOOK THAT DAY.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that until either Instagram reverts to chronological feed or a new platform arises from the ashes of Facebook’s epic fails, I will just have to use the app as a place to post at my somewhat best times, to try and gauge a hashtag, but to mainly just flipping chill out about it all.

I can’t say I don’t care, because I do, I care that my images get seen and people like them and follow me because that’s fab, I just don’t care about feeling bleurgh about it all. It’s so easy to see why people took the actions of fake growth to beat that feeling, but as Ru Paul says ‘if you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?’ (the somebody else being algorithms and the like)

And now onto things I love – this outfit. Okay, so it’s not the most magical or super chic but I do think it’s pretty stylish even if I was running to the post office. I’ve had this sweatshirt and coat hidden for quite a while and do find that in case of ‘what do I wear to look stylish yet is practical for keeping me warm in this sneaky cold April weather’ it’s a winner.

It’s a little twist on the nautical theme with actual boats in a dark navy print, plus this & other stories coat (sadly old and sold out) is a good in-between season material and also dresses up anything I wear because beige + trench coat = winner, sure fire style points.

Sticking to that nautical vibe, ocean themed socks: what could be better? I love these socks a lot, can you tell?

To end this on a positive note, I’ve noted a few things that I think can help anyone (myself included) with better fashion photos and potentially a more enjoyable Instagram experience:

• Photoshoots with your pals – because I live in the wee countryside yet have access to London, I sometimes forget about meeting up with people to do swap sessions. It’s actually really fun and huge bonus, bloggers know what bloggers want ot it makes the process even easier – socialising just got more appealing.

• Build that confidence – my worst fear is being declined when asking to have my photo taken, or that it looks bad, but honestly getting over that fear makes you feel a whole lot better about the process. It’s been twice now for me, and I already feel good about having the camera on me!

• It’s not real – the fear, the guilt, the panic that if you don’t upload the world is doomed. It’s not real, we all continue. If you can’t get past it, then engage and do enough to make it worth the time; comment, like, post a photo when you feel like it, treat it with the freedom and chill of 2013 and not the analytical game it is of 2017. Do it for YOUR gram.


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