I ended up being super rushed off my feet the end of this week that I didn’t get time to write this post up, but here we are, slightly off schedule with a quick 5 things of late I wanted to share from the last few weeks!!

1. I finally headed to the Harry Potter studios tour, and it was so much fun! I got the tickets for my birthday last month and it was really a great insight into all the behind the scenes and magic of the movies and books. I think I’d like to go again when it’s quieter and with some die-hard Harry Potter friends so I can really dive in fully to the experience and listen to the most obscure of fan knowledge, but even if you’ve just watched the films it’s fascinating to see the production that goes into each shot let alone each film!

2. I usually stick to rings when it comes to jewellery but again for my birthday is spotted these two necklaces in a local shop and just felt completely compelled to get them. Silver is my go-to but I really loved the Rose Gold ‘Love’ circle as you can wear it either side, and it went really well with the delicate ‘L’ necklace which helps when blending together jewellery and also why suits my skin tone 😉 since scrolling through the Orelia website, I’ve spotted a few other pieces I like – a beautiful throat chakra necklace, silver meditation ring and also the L patch which looks so cool and makes me want to DIY all my denim…

3. For any of you that have seen on social media or have been to one already, you’ll know I’ve been planning full length workshops and it’s looking quite promising – I’m going to see a location next week and if that goes to plan I’ll be hosting my first full workshop in a few weeks! Fingers crossed!

4. I’ve done a thing where I’ve now used up all my good candles and can start afresh – so hyped! But before then, I’ve finally got to use the White Company White Lavender reed which I got for Christmas, and it’s such a nice fresh yet relaxing scent for my room. You do sometimes only catch notes of it when walking past or it’s a warm day, but it’s very refreshing and I love how calm it makes my space feel again.

5. I’ve been thinking a lot about engagement recently and how mines changed over the years and how I engage with others now. There’s definitely more I could do, but sometimes forgot/don’t have anything funny enough to tweet  that I usually stick to scheduled tweets and replying to others; why do you find is the best form of engagement these days, and which platform do you think does it best? Answers on a postcard…


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