Since the age of 12, I have been a skinny jeans lover – call it a mix of wanting to be Kate Moss, my early emo phase, and generally believing skinny jeans were best for my shape, I could just never see myself in any other style.

Timely enough, Chloe’s post on dressing for your style not shape popped up on my feed, and it got me thinking more about why and what I wear – I’ve started a love affair with Mom jeans because they’re high-waisted, hug right over my hips and snuggle my tum which can be tough after a roast dinner, but it beats the continual shimmying when pulling up mid-rise skinnies over your knees and hips all day. All. Damn. Day.

I like having that security of high-waist jeans (if that’s a thing) and and even though the leg is a bit looser I can actually turn up the hem and show some ankle which after years of rolled up bunching, is kinda nice. I enjoy the comfort, but also how the shape allows me to experiment with other areas of my outfit, such as the shape of my shoes, fancy socks, and also all the tucked in tees because anything that keeps my kidneys warm is good for me 😉

I’ve got three pairs of BDG Mom Jeans now, which I’ve justified as being transitional through the year – a light wash pair for spring/summer, a dark blue denim for all year round, and a black pair for evening or winter occassions, and as I’m in the middle of my Mom jean love affair, what better excuse than to show you how I wear each pair…

(Also a note before we begin, a lot of these items are quite ~old~ so I will link where I can!)

My classic go-to is jeans, tucked-in white tee, and one of my many bomber jackets I own now – it always works, can be dressed up with heeled boots or made casual with Converse, and is practically my day-to-day uniform; whether I’m on a photoshoot, heading to meetings or just popping into town, it looks put together with minimal fuss.

I love that I can always fall back on this failsafe thanks to a collection of tees (both plain and patterned) and bomber jackets (in various colours and patterns again), plus nothing looks cooler than jeans and a tee, even though I love throwing some print or loud options in there which is why bombers are a saint – it means I’m constantly wearing the same thing but can mix up elements each time! Huge win for the capsule wardrobe 😉

Bomber Jacket – TK Maxx • Sunglasses – Ray Ban • Tee – Mango • Jeans – BDG via Urban Outfitters • Bag – Kate Spade Cedar Street Masie

Now I call this my ‘Casual Sunday/Art Student’ look – a semi-slouchy jumper with baggy legs to me screams art college aesthetic (mainly because that is what I rocked at college, minus the cashmere) and it’s what I like to wear on, well, Sundays or if I’m going somewhere non-work related to relax – be it a cafe for lunch, a food shop, or like above, a wisteria walk with friends around London, it’s a mix of classic basics and practicality meeting key pieces.

It’s possibly my most transitional and casual version of an outfit, layering a shirt underneath on cool spring days or a thermal in the winter without compromising on a classic look. I think teaming the jeans with a cashmere jumper that hits just below the waist balances proportions and also adds a bit of quality and lightness to the overall outfit – by opting for a light grey jumper, the look still feels soft and daytime friendly, but with it being me I had to sneak in some fun socks for personality, without it being hugely noticeable (my own version of minimal if you will.)

Cashmere Jumper – Scott and Scott London via The Outnet • Jeans – BDG via Urban Outfitters • Socks – Thought Socks via Jabba Yard • Shoes – Converse • Bag – ONA Camera Bag

I don’t know what it is about black, but for some reason I can only justify wearing it depending on fancy occassions or dark winter days – my space shirt has made it into a few daytime looks thanks to the super snazzy print, but overall black is what I save for styling it up in the evening; until I discovered this combo – granted I don’t think it’s practical to rock prescription sunglasses on my head all day long, but the combo of black mom jeans and a shirt tucked in the front is so simple and so good it hurts.

I think the key was working with shape, hence why I turned up the shirt sleeves up to keep it casual and a bit floaty, and also turned up the jean hem more than usual to show off extra ankle (with black socks to elongate legs and tie shoes/jeans together) and also emphasise my flatforms which have a wicked chunky cut-out base, plus a velvet boyfriend blazer is great in the evenings to cover up and is oversized enough without making everything look too flouncy together.

The star of the show has to be the sequin fish basket bag though; I mean, the pink ties in with the shirt and lipstick, basket bags are very ‘in’ right now and it’s small enough with a mix of light weave and dark handles to compliment a black-heavy look. I think my issue with daytime black outfits has been slowly rectified, all thanks to jeans and fish 😉

Shirt – & other stories • Jeans – BDG via Urban Outfitters • Flatforms – & other stories • Blazer – Sparkle and Noise via Urban Outfitters • Basket Bag – v old soz.

Whilst Mom jeans might be a bit of a trend thing that fades again, I’m super happy with my comfy high-waist loves right now (plus they’re an 80’s classic, my fave era!) and even happier with how they make me feel when I wear them – especially when I’m eating a roast dinner, the perfect state of bliss amiright?


Photos by Ghenet and Kristabel and my mum 😉

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