The weather has been a bit diverse recently (to put it lightly) and I’m not one for uncertainty, especially when it comes to dressing – do I risk a thermal or will I combust? Can I keep my scarf at home or will I spend all day trying to wrap myself around my limbs to stay warm? British problemz.

I’ve found a happy medium with this He Official two-piece however – it’s light yet layerable, comfy without looking like I rolled out of bed, and easy to style in various ways; in other words, it’s my dream when I need to look cool quick 😉 As soon as I saw it online and in the sale, I just felt the need to own it despite it being red of all shades, and I’ve honestly been non-stop wearing it (especially on Instagram).

I love that it’s bold enough in colour and details that you don’t have to worry about pairing it with something patterned or too drastic a colour that it’ll clash, but is enough to feel classically Parisian and chic everytime you put it on. Granted because of the Premier slogan, my mum think I look like a football fan, but I’m going to stick with wannabe-Paris-fashion-blogger vibes for now, bit more stylish if you ask me.

When it’s been more on the cool-side weather wise, I’ve opted for a black turtleneck and tights underneath which still keeps everything ‘fitted’ underneath and the floaty fabric the main attration so to speak, however on a more sunny day like recently, I skipped the under-layers (having to shave my legs in the process, something myself nor my legs were ready for just yet) and opted for a tucked in look that emphasised my waist more. As this outfit is all about casual, I like to finish off with minimal yet statement pieces – Converse trainers are always a spring comfort for me and the red trim pairs easily, whilst this Next Chained Shoulder Bag has become a surprising staple in my wardrobe and helps bring everything together whilst still keeping that wannabe-Paris vibe (and also wannabe-Chanel-if-you-please-vibe you feel?)

So if you’re a pj-at-heart gal like me, you can still feel as equally as comfy and cool in a lil’beauty like this – now if this diverse weather can settle down and keep on bringing that sunshine, I’ll be all set!


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