Before I jump into review-mode, I have to mention that today is my birthday! 23 and feeling…free? Full of glee? Super hungry? Regardless, I can’t believe another year has flown; it doesn’t feel like enougb time has passed yet so much has happened – time is a funny one isn’t it? Anyway, I’m spending the day away from the computer and hopefully watching a few Studio Ghibli movies with my version of birthday cake – two mini Booja Booja ice-creams, all for me 😉

But let’s get back to it – I’ve been testing Nyasa Skincare for a month or so now as part of making the move to more cruelty free/vegan friendly beauty brands, and bold claims here but it’s honestly made a huge difference in my skin.

The brand is made up of 6 products which is enough for a full routine, but personally I’ve incorporated a few into my current routine to enhance it as we all have different and unique needs, and it’s free of parabens, sulphates and any nasty synthetics too!

Items in this post have been sent for review purposes only and not sponsored – views 100% my own!

First up is their Pure Glow Nourishing Cleaning Balm*, similar in packaging and formula to Oskia wiht the main difference being the scent; I’ve mainly used this as a second cleanse or in the evenings when I don’t wear makeup so canot comment on makeup removal, but it being an oil/balm based formula I’m sure it will do the trick lifting product off. Mainly it’s aimed at removing impurities and supporting the skin’s glow, but it doesn’t feel overly exfoliating despite the slight astringent orange smell (caused by the mandarin) and is also slightly thicker than Oskia, plus it states you can leave it on for 10 minutes as a hydrating mask which shows it’s not going to aggrevate or strip delicate layers too much. If you want a more gentle version of exfoliative and regenerating cleansers with the benefit of a balm, then this is a good option!

Next there is the Midnight Feast Night Balm*, which I was particularly excited to try as it contains MSM – an organic sulpher that helps with collagen production, is anti-inflammatory and helps speed up healing so it’s great for acne and blemishes. It smells fresh yet earthy, which I think is helped by the addition of Ylang Ylang (a fave) and is light enough to sink into the skin yet still nourish it overnight. I’d say any skin type could use this, maybe a thin layer if you’re oily, however I find it seals in my evening oil and keeps my skin soft right until I wake up the next day! I should also say my skin look regenerated and plumped the next day thanks to ingredients such as Advanced Tetrapeptide and Resurection Plant, so if you’re wanting maximum results for the next day, this will help give you what you’re looking for.

Finally my favourite product from the range – the Luminosity Illuminating Super Serum* is what’s really turned my skin around; the serum boosts cellular turnover just enough to exfoliate gently every night but also enough to see a difference in a short time. As well as improving the overall tone, it diminishes the appearance of fine lines and clarifys pores, so it’s a great evening addition to prep skin overnight. I’d say in conjunction with the Night Balm, this helped my skin renew, balance and clear up dramatically quicker and more noticeable than previous routines and products used before – it’s honestly a huge relief and joy to find something that works so well and makes me feel confident about my skin! Again it combines MSM, Resurection Plant and Ylang Ylang with the addition of AHA to gently buff the skin, and is gentle enough to use nightly or as often as you want, but if you’re going to pick up anything from the range, get this!

Nyasa is on the higher price side being a luxury brand, but there are definitely key items I’d say are worth the money if you’re looking to invest, and I’m equally looking forward to trying more from the brand and nailing my routine once and for all!

Now that’s all left to do is sit back, close my laptop and give myself some well deserved me-time for the day – see you once I’ve devoured these ice-creams 😉


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