Here’s a story that popped into my head whilst I was on my way to the Blogosphere cover launch – I’m 16, at my ex’s house, I’ve just gone over after dropping off my old GCSE textbooks at school because I was friggin’ finally done with exams, and we were chatting about ~life~ as all 16 year olds do when the conversation turned to our A-levels and what we’d do next;

“But what are you actually going to do with photography? Like, how are you going to make a job from it?’

I sat and squirmed, awkward because I loved photography and didn’t want anyone bashing it (even though we both took it as a subject) and also because I didn’t have a clue – I was dreaming of photographing Vogue without a plan on how to get there fyi.

As I remembered this, I started laughing to myself on the train. Because there I was, reliving this clear as day memory, on my way to see a magazine reveal where I was featured as one of the top ‘Photographers Behind The Blogs’. OH 16 YEAR OLD LAUREN THE THINGS YOU’LL DO.

When I was 16, I had huge dreams of starting my own photography business, photographing for the cover of Vogue, going to London College of Fashion to study Fashion Photography, getting an A* across the board etc etc, and some of those dreams died (I didn’t make it into LCF but by then my style and ambitions had changed), but some of them came true – I did get A* across the board, and I did last year make the jump into starting my own business.

Weirdly though, it wasn’t the big ribbon cutting ceremony I thought it would be – it was just a yes or no decision, a filling in of forms and an actual kick up the butt do start putting my services out there. It was me doing test shoots with friends, taking advice from workshops and picking up new tech tips from insiders on how to take the perfect photo and use equipment efficiently, and it was me making it happen for myself.

I’ve had the absolute privilege of working with my favourite people over the last year, to work on shoots I thought I’d have to wait years for, to have people actually like my work (it’s still always a ‘really?’ moment), and I’m so so SO bloody chuffed. That’s all my feelings summarised into two words – bloody chuffed, oh and THANK YOU.

I’ve tried to keep this short, but I want to make note of how fantastic Blogosphere as a magazine and team are – Albertine for putting the feature forward and putting the spotlight on our ‘behind the scenes’ work, Alice for creating a magazine that supports and promotes creators and influencers in the industry, allowing them to talk candidly and truthfully about their experiences on and offline and how it all works, and how the publication focuses on ‘all levels’ of influencers and let’s us shout out about those we think deserve it. Bloody. Fab.

So that’s me today, basically still chuffed about a two-page spread with my face all over it – if you haven’t picked up a copy yet (or ever) then get down to WHSmith asap and enjoy a magazine diverse on everything from fitness to fashion, and one heck of an interview with Dina (I am now in love with how hilarious she is, and direct) and if you do have a copy I hope you liked my feature too – let me know in the comments if so!

If you are interested in working with me (I travel between London, Surrey, and Brighton) then drop me an email in the link above, otherwise, see you the (magazine) flipside folks 😉


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