I wasn’t planning on doing much food based content this year, despite being a big lover of eating and baking it, but I do really enjoy the styling element of a foodie photoshoot; playing with textures, backgrounds, slicing things open to show off gooey centres, heck I think sometimes it gives me more satisfaction than eating it. Sometimes.

Food photography is quite luxurious, making every inch of the meal or food item look edible there and then, and the supporting elements equally as enticing, but one of my favourite things to photograph is chocolate – oh man, when you get that shot of melted chocolate pouring off a spoon, divine!

I’ve been a huge chocolate lover all my life, even though now I have it in moderation and stick to 80% dark (because I am badass), it’s probably one of the most luxurious experiences you can have – the cocoa melting in your mouth, the mix of bitter and sweet giving you a kick to both refresh your palette and give you those sweet sweet endorphins. It’s one of my earliest memories even, practically inhaling chocolate fudge cake after dinner and washing it down with a hot chocolate – man my stomach was brave!

So it’s a fun one to work on the new Malteser’s Luxury Chocolates campaign, which gives a new twist on a lil’childhood fave of mine – bigger balls, extra filling. Am I allowed to say that? The new launch takes you from bags to boxes, with 16 individually red and gold dotted chocolates nestled inside, and the size of them is like two teasers in one; there’s still the same malt filing with chocolate coating, only now there’s an extra gooey chocolate centre and the entire Malteser is encased in a wafer shell (which also contains mini Malteaser Teaser pieces) and again covered in chocolate. It’s basically layer upon layer of chocolate sensation, which you can’t go wrong with 😉

I’ll admit the food styling on this one for me was a challenge as I’m only just branching out into my red side, but I love working on something that gets my creativity flowing and feeds my desire to indulge (a bit like chocolate) in something new, and for me it’s equally a gift to produce photography that pushes the boundaries a bit and allows me to share chocolate with my friends afterwards – a box of chocolates really is the gift that keeps on giving!

A bespoke polka dot post box appears in London today to celebrate the launch of Maltesers Luxury Chocolates, which go on sale nationwide today, London. Photo credit: David Parry/PA Wire

You can find Malteser’s Luxury Chocolates in Debenhams for £6 a box (bargain!) and they’re a perfect gift or treat for any occasion – maybe a Mother’s Day extra or a spontaneous movie night with your friends, who knows, sometimes the things you’re not planning on work out to be the most fun you’ve had 😉 

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