My name’s Lauren and some way, some how, I bought a lot of pink things in IKEA last week.

Some would call this the perfect opportunity for a quick interiors update; well you’d be right! As of late I’ve slowly been allowing (allowing being the right word as I was SO adamant on having a blue wardrobe and nothing else last year) various shades of pink to seep into my life and you know what? I kinda like it; it’s soft and pastel and I actually think I suit it now, which makes me a bit more of a chilled shopper and not a total blue ice queen, oops.

I needed some time out last week so we headed to IKEA for a seasonal Spring visit, and all in all I was quite restraint – funnily enough, we spent more time in the restaurant eating veggie balls and couscous alongside over-ordered portions of chips and peas (seriously underestimated how filling the couscous would be, also how large the potions of peas would be. And we had two).

Aside from a few photography props, I mainly picked up new cushion covers like the proper adult I am; replacing my plain rectangle cushions are these fab blue and blush patterned covers which eases the pink in nicely I find, and I’m a sucker for graphic, bold patterns! I love how they’re also reversible so you can a more striking black and white pattern one way or punchy colours the other.

To tie everything all together and break up the patterns of my many, many bed pillows, I picked up two basic pillowcases – a renweable cotton baby blush pink cover for layering and a Chenille blush cover for texture and contrast, which I absolutely love staggering against the other new cushions to brighten up the bed. Also, can I give a big high 5 to the person who put all the zips on the bottom on the covers and not weirdly across the middle so it makes changing covers hard? I like you, thank you for making life easier.

Other items I picked up:
Baby blue and pink candlesticks – they were too cute not to buy.
Fake monstera leaf – essential propage.
Pink wicker ball…things.…for props. The look better than they sound.

Have you been updating your space for Spring, or clearing it out even? I’m feeling another decluttering session coming on soon, especially with the prospect of warmer weather soon – let me know in the comments below what you think of my new purchases, and have a good Monday loves!


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