Isn’t it ironic, the one time I decide to wear all black and it’s freakin’ 17 degrees? For a brief moment I was thrown into panic about what to wear because I still have jumpers in my wardrobe and I haven’t shaved my legs in a few (many) months, but luckily the evening cooled off and I was able to get away with my version of ‘all black everything’.

Before I jump into the topic at hand, I want to chat about my outfit – it’s the first time I’ve featured this amazing space shirt on the blog despite picking it up in September, but it’s possibly my favourite find ever – 1) I love space 2) it’s wearing black without it being all black and 3) I met Bobbi Brown in this shirt, so it’s now dubbed the Bobbi shirt (in my mind anyway).

I paired it with some coated black skinnies and my Kate Spade bag last Thursday when I went to the Blogosphere Issue 12 cover reveal, which *drumroll* I’m featured in as one of three ‘Photographers Behind the Blogs’! I’m honestly so blown away with the spread (double page, look at me Mum!) and having the spotlight put on our work, I’m still buzzing about it now – if you haven’t read Blogosphere before, I highly recommend picking a copy up as it really does promote and support the industry in a fair and high quality fashion, and really opens up opportunities to all bloggers and creators to share their work.

Speaking of sharing, I had one of those late night brainaves for a blog post – things I’ve panicked about when blogging. That moment when you could sleep but also do emails, or do you eat the brunch or Instagram and filter it first? Well I’ve got 20 things I’ve definitely panicked over one time or another…

1. Commenting on blogs/clearing my Bloglovin’ feed – you skip a day and bam you’re on 20+ unread blog posts. How do you have the brain capacity to catch up? Those moments when you have a clear feed though *praise Lord emoji*

2. Replying to comments – again, you skip a day and bam, you’re two weeks gone without replying (oops) and engaging with your audience is always so important as you make amazing connections, so I can’t lie about the guilt I get when I leave it too long.

3. Not uploading – be it Instagram, my blog, or YouTube (oops that’s been gathering dust), the blind panic of not having a perfectly timed or scheduled upload has given me severe nerves more than it should. I’ve gotten better mind, just don’t ask me about YouTube ideas yet (sobs)

4. Instagram themes – It felt for ages that you had to have ‘The Theme’ on Instagram, and I’m not alone in saying that I think it drove us all a bit mad. I’ve gotten better, and now like my mixed theme that still has some sort of continuation, and in some way having analytics now is a blessing! *nerding*

5. How white is my photo? – Must. Make. Background. Brighter. Must. Desaturate. Yellow. Tones.

6. Writing, and how many words – as you can see, I can ramble, I can spectacularly over-write thanks to years of essay techniques hammered into my brain. 300 word posts are that rare Friday night treat you have to drop hint to your parents about over and over again. So rare, yet so good.

7. How the F do you sound cool yet intelligent yet relatable? – how do the others do it? How do they nail that casual, effortless writing vibe? Teach me guys!

8. Becoming a background person – I’ve worried often about getting stuck behind the camera too often for myself and others that I’ll lose my place as a blogger front and centre. It’s so easy to get accustommed it, but I’m doing my best to be 100% behind the camera for work and 100% for my blog and pushing me as a blogger forward. LET’S DO THIS.

9. SEO and Keywords – back in the day (lol) I didn’t know how search engines were going to pick up my blog and content, but I’ve got the knack down with naming images and search descriptions (I hope, whelp!) If only Blogger had the WordPress SEO plugin!

10. Analytics – RIP my brain. It took 5 years to get to grips with and I’ve still only scratched the surface, but after a few pointers from pals I’ve been able to follow popular posts and referrals a LOT better – I can actually see what people enjoy reading most in an analytical way WOO!

11. Adsense, Skimlinks, Affiliate links – I won’t lie, sometimes I cba to add affiliate links because they take an age to input. I wish there was amagic button that generated it without having to copy and paste constantly.

12. Snapchat/ Instastory – lol well my Snapchat is pretty much dead now (wasn’t alive in the first place double LOL) and I’m all over Instastory, yet I do still forget sometimes to post something – there’s only so many times you can snap your sexy pjs amiright?

13. Tweeting enough – two years ago I was scheduling 9 tweets a day for my blog, promoting my Instagram and generally trying to get in everyone’s feed. Now, my brain deals better with 4 scheduled tweets and gives me the chance to (try) engage with people I follow more – I always worry I don’t chat to people often, the pros and cons of being glued to your phone ey?

14. Missing a Twitter chat – also a year ago I was more likely to kick myself for missing out on blog chats due to some reason or another, because they’re a fab way to connect with people and get yourself out there. I haven’t done one for a long time, but love seeing people’s opinions when I’m scrolling at 8pm on a Sunday.

15. Not liking copper, rosegold, plants and (until recently) pink – where my blue and silver loving people at?! Anyone? No? #blogprobz

16. Skincare drawer – or drawers that should be. The sight of an over-flowing skincare drawer is enough to send me into a decluttering frenzy (until I see a new cleanser launch, HELLO)

17. Taking photos – do I really need to put makeup on for a post? I HAVE NO NEW PRODUCTS HOW DOES ONE CREATE CONTENT? This flatlay has taken 30 minutes to perfect I hate everything *changes bottle by 2 degrees west* I love it, it’s art, Michelangelo is weeping.

18. Emails PRs and Brands – did I send them the link? Should I reach out, what if they don’t want to meet me? No I don’t want to feature menswear, stop reminding me about being single.

19. Emailing invoices – constantly worried they’ll think I’m overcharging, or constantly chasing payments because, um, I deserve to get paid? Like 3 months ago? Invoices man. Invoices.

20. Creativity vs regular uploads – I think this is why I’ve been less active on YouTube this year, because I want to focus on it as a platform where I do fun ‘non-work’ things, visually and creatively pushing videos that right now I don’t have time for. Or the ideas. Well I do, just not the help. But it’s okay, because I’m really into diversifying my photographic style and building my business more, and if that means more blog posts and expanding myself as a person first that’s great. For now, I’ll be posting more here and making an effort to try new content before jumping back into video where I can make projects I’m proud of. It’s the age old toss up, but I’m glad I’m feeling okay with it all for once.

Have you ever panicked about these blog related issues, or have you got some golden ones yourself? Let me know in the comments below, and have a fab (blog panic free) day!


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